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37 mon37 mon49genericdaveI'm so tired, help me
37 mon37 mon29brandstoneYo PLounge high five!
37 mon37 mon78psychomotorboatAn anonymous hacker reveals staff of the horrible dating sim Dark Skyes is really scamming everyone!
37 mon37 mon48deathdude223Hey guys! I'm at McDonalds!
37 mon37 mon48BurChaBowDo you play piano? Well, I have this music sheet I just made, and I thought you'd like it.. No? Okay...
37 mon37 mon20MonkPrestonMonk's "Whenever the hell I feel like it" thread 28: A sort of farewell! (Also, poll results inside)
37 mon37 mon27lukjad007Alright, who knows how to read/write sheet music? I need help.
37 mon37 mon3ipretendiamacatThread of Fitness, Daily: Lateness Edition
37 mon37 mon104Fuzzy_GauntletsMidday Chats With Randy!
37 mon37 mon30BucketHelmFrom the bottom of my heart, to the mods.
37 mon37 mon5LapinduceJust a little message for TwitchTV...
37 mon37 mon27Meno_SelfHey Plounge, what is something recent that is frustrating/angering you? + a year old rant.
56 mon37 mon1219trambe25So, I moved into my new offices! Look what's hanging from the ceilings!
37 mon0j-bronyBad Movie Monday off again this week.
37 mon37 mon196fyreponyWhat is your "guilty pleasure"?
37 mon37 mon5Gammaj4You guys need to see this thread. This is the best thing I've read all day.
37 mon37 mon3psychomotorboatA Brony Tale - A documentary about bronies through Ashleigh Ball's eyes - Q&A with Brent Hodge
37 mon37 mon23BucketHelm[](/notfabulous) I just did the most unelegant thing I've ever done in public.
37 mon37 mon8Captain_SandwichI'm bored and hove to go to class so...
37 mon37 mon16kelligrewsguyLet's Think #16: Fortune Cookie Wisdom
37 mon37 mon8lulzy12Developing a design for a new product, requesting feedback
37 mon37 mon9bluemeepDark Souls 2 comes out tomorrow, so here's a recap of the first one for those who need it.
37 mon37 mon8SrolThe results of my Star Wars poll
37 mon37 mon13BucketHelmStudents will know this feeling all too well.
37 mon37 mon14JIVEprintingr/anime
37 mon37 mon19trnhRap music thread
37 mon37 mon62Axillion24So did anyone else catch the new Cosmos?
37 mon37 mon16Bull3tM0nk3yDo want (also butts)
37 mon37 mon15thesweman123I require help with a not very important school assignment
37 mon37 mon261LunarWolvesThe Bees are angered!
37 mon37 mon20EasySpeezeTwo things
37 mon37 mon10RAGErERThe weekly or daily HolyBeard?
37 mon37 mon2BucketHelmA good tutorial for all the Plounge artists
37 mon37 mon6XeonneoFor those of you who haven't checked....
40 mon37 mon2835BurChaBowI have an important question to ask you Plounge.
37 mon37 mon87DanielDidgeridooToday is my birthday!! Turning 14
37 mon37 mon6willowmvp227I got my Fluttershy glass from /u/cowofdoom1 (thanks again btw), so I thought you'd like to see it in all of it's glory!
37 mon37 mon7BanjoemanWent to Detroit this weekend. Saw this. OC / pls don steal
37 mon37 mon7nateiousHave any computer gamers here had any issues with XFX graphics cards?
37 mon37 mon15theBengerHello everyone! Hope you're having a good day! I'm excited today because...
37 mon0Meno_SelfAnyone here play Pokémon Showdown?
37 mon37 mon39Meno_SelfFound you guys!!
37 mon37 mon23HStarkWatching Catdog late at night
37 mon37 mon1Jakoman7Only black people can make gospel this awesome.
37 mon37 mon8Bamzooki1Many feels
37 mon37 mon5Knowltey[Ctrl+PrntScrn] X 33 = Inception
54 mon37 mon4591GaldionWhat is this computer with so many wonders?
37 mon37 mon9wastedchick3nAnyone want some shots?
37 mon37 mon18Fishbone_VMotivate me plounge
48 mon37 mon16020ZirconiaBest feeling ever.
37 mon37 mon109BurChaBowI've been wondering..
37 mon37 mon35Heir_of_RickI am MLBB, Plounge Member of the Day. AMA!
37 mon0TeebocksYES, it's finally here! Webisode 5 - Throwdown
37 mon37 mon11spartiecatBootsy Collins is without a doubt the funkiest man alive.
37 mon37 mon33NtrsoxideDamn it Darkle.
37 mon37 mon519AlexkalI think this is relevant to your current situation.
37 mon37 mon8Midnight_GearListen to this amazing piece of crap. -A xrazy PW fanboy
37 mon37 mon16RairManeIf the PLounge were a pizza...(x-post /r/shittyfoodporn)
37 mon37 mon15JinxSphinxI have little tiny murdering machines inside of me.
37 mon37 mon16Tenth-GearSo this game is in the works...
37 mon37 mon49AdmShmezOkay, a customer today beat the 42 cans of whipped cream guy for extreme number of weird things to buy.
37 mon37 mon14SquaydIt pains me to admit, but after weeks of stress and stuff, I'm out
37 mon0Dr_applemanSuper secret project test.
37 mon37 mon11PotatOSLamentThe corner of her eye...(a digital sketch for a fanart I'm working on).
37 mon37 mon4Kyt-XuneFinally got to watching Firefly. Not done yet, but loving it so far.
37 mon37 mon9Midnight_GearI'm scured
37 mon37 mon46DoomedCivilianWelp, it's finally happened.
43 mon37 mon8needsmorewubwubYou know what makes coming home on Friday even better?
37 mon37 mon5windyvalkyrieStart your morning out right, Plounge!
37 mon37 mon71SangfroidishTrigonometry is a bitch.
37 mon37 mon19Brown_HatI have a problem concentrating on homework recently
37 mon37 mon35shuzumiThe PLounge cooks!
37 mon37 mon16AutonomousWolfLate night chats with Randy
37 mon37 mon13HonorInDefeatSo Plounge, how low can you go?
37 mon37 mon14PMSlimeKingSo I started playing Dark Souls to pass the time...
37 mon37 mon43FogeckA chat thread!
37 mon37 mon43FogeckWhat in your life scares you the most right now?
37 mon37 mon29FonsoTheWhitesicanI just watched RWBY.
37 mon37 mon57oldmanwhatshisnameLet's thank each other for being awesome!
38 mon37 mon4386GgnomeHow has your day been/how is it going?
37 mon37 mon12Weezil_BronyIn a Perfect World, These Would Exist
37 mon37 mon7SangfroidishI made yellow-rice & chicken with black beans. Today was good.
37 mon37 mon5EasySpeezeThey're no Heifetz, but they get by
37 mon37 mon18SpanishMeerkatHow I'm Spending my Sunday
37 mon37 mon10MultiScootalooCome join my cool, epic, totally awesome brony skype group!
37 mon37 mon9MasterFasthThe Daily Doge: Harsh Reality Edition
37 mon37 mon11downhillcarverThe Daily Rocket: Cute Little Mammal Edition
37 mon37 mon14CrossbowshootrA couple years ago, one of my old high school buddies prank called Ghost with this.
37 mon37 mon12kiahaJust watched the Lego Movie
37 mon37 mon31LunarWolves[](/filly) round -1
37 mon37 mon59ZirconiaSo what are Numpties?
37 mon0JIVEprintingI'm told this free/libre visual novel makes people feel happy
37 mon37 mon12lulzy12There's no way out
37 mon37 mon67therosebudponyAt this moment, what are you eating?
37 mon37 mon19Nabrolean_BronaparteHey Plounge! I'm doing spastic $5 BBBFF style commissions so I can get a new phone (silly me lost mine in Texas) Also, if you are interested my DA is harmony-heartstrings.
37 mon37 mon6BattlesmitSo I scrolled down to the bottom of the screen only to see this...
37 mon37 mon25theBengerVillain of PLoungtropilis!
37 mon37 mon4downhillcarverThought that you guys might me interested in this anime
37 mon37 mon44bagelmanHero of PLoungetropilis.
37 mon37 mon84Werro_123Just bought the last piece of my music table. How's it looking?