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Your Perfect 2012 Presidential Ballot

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#001 | Pooty Boy |
***DISCLAIMER: This is not a topic to incite squabbling or arguments of any kind. I am not asking for any reason or explanation for why you picked who have, I am merely curious as to who this Board deems worthy of running on the Presidential ballot. Also, please pull only from feasible candidates.***

Personally, I'd vote for:


Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain, ladies and gentlemen.

Rick Perry would be my third option.

I'm just not a big Mitt Romney guy.
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#002 | Dont Interrupt Me |
Is this only for the Republican ballot? I doubt the Democrats have a decent shot at winning with anyone but Obama (and there's no point in replacing Biden, really).

On the GOP side: Shame about Mitch Daniels not running. Of the people still running, I'd put Huntsman on top and I guess Johnson on the bottom. I wouldn't vote for them, but between Huntsman and Obama we'd stand for some seriously interesting debates.
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#003 | HeyDude |
P Paul, VP Gingrich

I'll almost definitely vote Republican this time. I have never voted Democrat for high office before and although I would perhaps be willing to, it wouldn't be Obama. Ever since he pushed that bill through super-fast I've found him frightening.

Dem cred: I was seriously considering voting for Hillary in 2008, but then she wasn't put forward.
#004 | LinkPrime1 |
Yoda-Donkey Kong

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#005 | Kodiologist | | (edited)
Soichiro Yagami – Spider-Man.

That's what I call balancing the ticket.

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#006 | ZB3000 |
Zachary Bearg - Jakob Duehr

Partisan Transcendence FTW.
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#007 | nalabell |
I'm personally considering writing in Joss Whedon.
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#008 | PaperSpock |
No! Then he can't make cool TV!

I'd totally go for Bartlet - McGarry
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