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Why do thief-y types always wear hoods?

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#001 | BUM |
I've worn a hood before. It's horrendously impairing to your sight, and maybe even your hearing. These things are, perhaps, more critical for a thief than for anyone else. Especially one engaged in combat, like in Assassin's Creed.

Is regular thievery too easy, so we have to make it more difficult by cutting our visual field by 30%? Perhaps the next generation of thieves will move up to blinders?
#002 | Jacehan |
I imagine it's to conceal their faces in case they are seen.
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#003 | BUM |
I guess so, it just seems counterproductive. One, it draws any wary onlooker to immediately study you. Two, it makes it more likely you're going to get caught in the first place. I think it's a short-sighted goal that runs right into a wall.

It's like when people assume ninjas wore all black- which is, of course, preposterous, because it marks you instantly as at worst a ninja and at best someone very weird that needs to be paid attention to. This relegates the purpose of your concealment to the obsolete graveyard.
#004 | LinkPrime1 |
Well, in the original Assassin's Creed, the all white with a hood was meant to match the garbs of priests, who wore very similar outfits.

I figure it's like Jace said, just to hide your face.

Also, hoods make EVERYTHING more bad***. Fact.
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#006 | Pooty Boy |
I always assumed the obvious - to hide hair color/style and as much of the face as possible.
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#007 | BUM |
I guess I should have rephrased the question. I know that the hood conceals ones face and identity, but I'm wondering if those pros really outweigh the cons. I mean, obviously this isn't that serious of a question. But it's just so. You can "conceal" your identity, but if you consider drawing nearly instant suspicion from anyone who is wary (because for the most part only wary people will remember your face anyways, non-wary types won't remember you with or without a hood) and increasing your chances of bungling the job and getting caught by impairing your senses, I don't really know that it's worth it. Just wear a wig and some makeup.
#008 | HeyDude |
A motorcycle helmet might work great. Good visibility, little to no facial recognition. It does impair hearing though.