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Zombie defense suit

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#001 | BUM |
So, I had been trying to think of a good zombie defense suit. For a while I was thinking of body armor (and I still am) but ultimately I think plate armor would just slow one down so much that they risk getting completely mobbed and just dying from dogpile.

Mail might be good, but it kind of slows you down, too. A nice, light, leather armor could be ideal- you could probably even rest in it to protect yourself while you're vulnerable, without too much worry. And you wouldn't be very slowed.

But ultimately, if zombies have an ultimate endurance, then ultimately you'll just eventually be overrun unless you're always in a spot you can escape or defend properly. What if you had something like Kirby, I thought, where he just pops a bunch of spikes out of his body. That'd be great.

But you can't. So what if you had a fireproof suit and you light the area on fire, burning all the zombies but not yourself? But I don't think those exist, and the smoke inhalation would be a problem.

How about this. A rubber suit, head to toe, with ventilation system on the mask. And some sort of generator and exposed wiring all over you. Then, when the zombies attack, they get shocked until their brains fry. Great plan? Marketable?
#002 | LinkPrime1 |
Great plan? Maybe. Marketable? Totally.
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#003 | HeyDude |
It really depends on the zombies. If they can't swim or walk through water or whatever, you could just go to an island. If they are rotting, do they continue to rot until they just fall apart? Do you just have to wait them out?
#004 | ZB3000 |
Bros, I got five words for ya: TIGHT CLOTHES AND SHORT HAIR. Trust me. You will be untouchable. They have no way of grabbing you, and your movement shouldn't be hampered in any way. Just make sure that the clothes aren't too tight; just at formfitting level.

Now if your priority is to just go tank zombies like WoW paladin wannabe (as opposed to survival, like most other people in the right mind), the best defense that won't hamper your movement too much is Type 3 Kevlar. It's strong enough to resist dog bites and chainsaw attacks without high risk of breaking any bones in your body. Your highest priority is to protect your limbs and shoulder/neck area, because that's where most of the bites will be coming at.

Whatever you do, DON'T USE PLATE ARMOR! That is about the worst move you could ever make. Sure, you'll feel invincible (at first), but then you'll find that unless you're extremely fit and strong, you won't be getting anywhere with over 70 lbs. of steel holding you down. And then there's the vision issues with most helmets. With this combination of slowness and lack of vision, your will be a sitting duck as zombies slowly start tearing your armor off, plate by plate, until they get into your innards...

Chainmail and leather armor are more feasible, and may protect from bites from piercing the skin (chainmail is more likely to protect from this), but the impact of the bites WILL cause bones to shatter, most of the time, because these types of armor weren't designed to absorb shock from attacks.
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