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Hey guys, SOPA and PIPA are a pretty big deal. You should do something.

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#001 | Kodiologist |
Outside of elections, I generally stay out of politics, on the (admittedly dubious) theory that constructing an informed opinion and bringing about appropriate social change would take too much time away from things I care about more, like science and free software. But this is one case where political developments threaten both of these things. SOPA and PIPA would permit, under certain circumstances (which one would be very optimistic to expect will include only circumstances one agrees with), the courts to order that payment providers not deal with a site, search engines not list a site, and name servers not keep records for a site. That's like preventing a supermarket from selling bagels to criminals, or preventing anybody from mentioning the name of a criminal that Big Brother wishes never existed. There are even rules in these bills against providing means around DNS censorship: as every SSH client in the world implements proxys, every SSH client could be construed as illegal software.

Human knowledge depends on keeping the Internet open. We can't let this happen. Call your congresscritters today! Or tomorrow, if you prefer, while there will be plenty of reminders throughout the Web. :)

EFF page:

Reddit FAQ:
See in particular these hints for calling Congressional offices:

SOPA (the House bill—currently shelved, but watch out for a quiet sequel) on OpenCongress:


PIPA (the Senate bill) on OpenCongress:


And here's a petition to sign:

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#002 | Mith |
I'm strangely comfortable with it.
#003 | Kodiologist |
The halt of SOPA as well as the White House's comments are excellent news, but I wouldn't take victory for granted quite yet.

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#004 | Kodiologist |
Well, that didn't take long:


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#005 | PaperSpock |
I sent my representative and two senators a message. Unfortunately, one is a co-sponsor of PIPA. Hopefully enough come out against it that he relents.
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#006 | Kodiologist |
Both of New York's senators are co-sponsers. :/

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#007 | willis5225 |
Both of New York's senators are kind of reprehensible jerks.
Willis, it seems like every other time you post, I need to look up a word that's in the OED or Urban Dictionary but not both.
#008 | Kodiologist | | (edited)
My dad, who worked at the school Chuck Schumer's daughter attended, tells a funny story about Schumer storming into the upper-school office and insisting that the reason his daughter was getting uniformly bad grades was that all of her teachers were incompetent.

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#009 | Mith |
Somewhat related. Quite a few file locker services are pre-emptively bailing after MegaUpload got shredded.

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#010 | Kodiologist | | (edited)
Brace yourselves. Ragnarok is coming.

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