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If you were an advice animal, what would you say?

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#001 | Kodiologist |
The first one is as a picture. The rest are just text—because, after all, for advice animals, the image is almost entirely redundant.


Thinks that his greatest strength is his dedication
Keeps changing his mind about his research interests.

Hates sex
Systematically compiles citations to sex research

Calls himself a humanist
Hates people

Champions conscientiousness
Notoriously absentminded

Looks down on watching television
Makes image macros

Looks down on pornography
Lifetime fan of Captain Underpants

Too busy to mop the kitchen floor
Never too busy to argue about something on PMS

Carefully tracks spending
Has no plans for retirement

Annoyed that a repetitive task takes a minute
Takes two hours automating it

Condemns multitasking
Wrote a program to provide instantaneous notification of email

Thinks software engineering is stupid
The only large program he wrote ended up a terrifying mess

Thinks Haskell is the best programming language
Does everything in Perl

Likes Perl better than Python
Still occasionally surprised by features of Perl's syntax

Belittles people for not understanding software
"Motherboard? Who's that?"

Doesn't want to assume a parametric model

Born disabled / [Courage Wolf] / Just playing life on hard mode
#002 | willis5225 |
Not a huge fan of this sort of thing
But does it anyway sometimes
Willis, it seems like every other time you post, I need to look up a word that's in the OED or Urban Dictionary but not both.