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Last time you actually played Paper Mario?

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#001 | BUM |
I'd kind of like to, sometime. It's a fun game. I own Super Paper Mario as well, but I haven't played it yet. Played PM:TTYD for the second time maybe two years ago.

But, for me, probably like... 8 years?
#002 | LinkPrime1 |
Played PM and PM:TTYD over the summer. Fun times =D
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#003 | HeyDude |
I think it was about a year after I joined, so... 2002?
#004 | willis5225 |
I played TTYD two summers back.
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#005 | Mith |
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#006 | Dont Interrupt Me |
Dear gosh. Maybe 2008? '05? I dunno.
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#007 | Kylo Force |
I did a play through of the N64 one in the summer of 2010. I'd planned to do my first full play through of TTYD this past summer but was too busy. My first and only full play through of Super Paper Mario was around when it came out in the summer of 2007, though I did try to get back into it the summer after that.

Maybe I'll get the 3DS one. Eventually.
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