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Any opinions on the de-merger?

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#001 | PaperSpock |
I'm sort of apathetic since I rarely visit gaming boards anymore, though it might hurt obscure games.
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#002 | Jacehan |
Well, I didn't know about it before this. But I'm okay with it leading to better things for the site because things don't have to be made to work on both sites.
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#003 | Meowth |
I like the logo better now. <_<

My main problem was the whole username thing and it looks like that isn't going away.
#004 | Pooty Boy |
Wait, what happened? Did CNET or whoever it was pull out?
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#005 | willis5225 |
I was only ever vaguely aware of the merger, I guess. So... if it simplifies the back end?
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