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I really enjoy the subreddit Change My View.

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#001 | Jacehan |

Basically people post their opinions that are, perhaps, controversial, and invited others to argue the other side to change their mind. It requires people to be open-minded about their views and consider what other people say. (People are also rewarded "deltas" if they change someone's mind.)

Some of the topics can be silly, but still effective. A recent one I read had the original poster say he doesn't think men should have to always leave the toilet seat down, as, mathematically, leaving it as is splits the work of toggling the seat between the genders, which I agreed with. But then there were two arguments that changed my mind: 1) the seat being up forces a woman to put it down, but the seat being down does NOT force a man to put it up. Every time a man uses the toilet, he chooses how he wants to use it, whereas a woman has no choice. Since men have the privilege in this situation, they should put it down. But then, argument 2) You should always put the lid (and thus the seat) down before flushing because otherwise you are spraying particles all over your bathroom, which is pretty gross.
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#002 | Kodiologist |
It is a cool subreddit, although I don't think I'd ever post a thread, because the domains in which I'd like to hear a lot of opposing arguments are generally the ones in which I don't already have a well articulated opinion.

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#003 | willis5225 |
Is there reasonable discussion on the internet these days?
Willis, it seems like every other time you post, I need to look up a word that's in the OED or Urban Dictionary but not both.