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What's the latest you've stayed out in the last year?

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#001 | Jacehan |
And how is that different from, say, 5 years ago?
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#002 | HeyDude |
I think 1, lately? 5 years ago I stayed out until 8 AM one night, although I wasn't drinking/partying/smoking so I dunno why the 4 of us chose to do that.
#003 | Mith |
4 am, hasn't changed a whole lot in the last ten years.
#004 | LinkPrime1 |
3/4 AM. 5 years about was probably 2 the latest...
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#005 | BUM |
For a moment I was pondering what 3/4 AM was. Perhaps 12:45? Perhaps... 9?
#006 | Kylo Force |
There was one night a couple months ago that a friend of mine absentmindedly forgot where he parked his car in a certain district of Seattle and I ended up "helping" him find it until 6:30 AM (I can elaborate on this story if anyone wants me to, as it's one of those "hilarious in retrospect" sort of stories), but barring that, the latest I've stayed out on purpose for an actual happening was maybe 3-4 AM. This was also over this summer but on a different occasion. It involved going to a food festival and joking the entire time that we would go out clubbing afterward... and then the joke evolved into reality. I'm really not out that late that often though.

5 years ago I didn't go out and party very much (and was also car-less) so going out that late was usually wholly dependent on the occasion being close by or getting a ride from someone else, so the festivities usually maxed out at around 1-2 AM.
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#007 | willis5225 |
I'm occasionally out until 3:00-4:00ish and I'm usually mad about it. Not like mad, but like "ugh why did I do that that was stupid of me" mad.

Five years ago my sleep schedule was ruined by grad school anyway, so I'd routinely go out and work through the night then sleep until 2-3. And weekends was more of that. If anyone needs places to go watch the sun rise in Toronto keyed to various weeks of the year, I gotcha.
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