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#001 | PaperSpock |
By which I mean I drank two half cups of beer over a period of 3 hours, well over a year after turning 21. :P

My class had an unofficial bar crawl, and I got convinced to go. I made it three bars in before we went to this place that had balconies and lots of stairs, narrow places, and people getting angry. Getting somewhat nervous, I decided to leave. But there were these crazy stairs, and then angry drunk people in an alley. I said "yeah" when they asked me a question that seemed to necessitate agreement. I don't remember what it was. Oh, and earlier in the night someone offered me what I thought was water, but it was really vodka-water, as I soon learned after taking a large gulp of it. Possibly the highlight of the night was when a girl from my class made me pinky swear that I was actually having fun and not just pretending to. Complete with kissing our own hands while our pinkies were locked.

My rating of my first taste of beer: it sort of tastes like unsweetened ice tea, but like it went bad or something.
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#002 | HeyDude |
I agree that it tastes like unsweetened iced tea, and I have said that to others and they have disagreed.
#003 | LinkPrime1 |
Ugh, I still hate the taste of beer. All I taste is the alcohol, doesn't matter what brand/dark/light. All tastes the same to me.

The bar crawl sounds fun though. It sounds like you had fun, up until things started getting weird, so I don't think you broke your pinky promise =P

You still go to Iowa right? I'm sure the bar scene is pretty good there, since it's a Big 10 school.

Fun Fact: "Pinky" isn't in Chrome's or GameFAQs's dictionary.
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#004 | willis5225 |
Are you drinking American light lagers? I can see where you're coming from with one of those. Get something nice and hoppy though? Hopps.
Willis, it seems like every other time you post, I need to look up a word that's in the OED or Urban Dictionary but not both.
#005 | HeyDude |
First beer I tried, I believe, was Killian's, and I've basically stuck with it. I've tried maybe 5 others and none of them pleased me as much as Killian's, not even Guinness, which scores points with me (as does Killian's) for being Irish.
#006 | LinkPrime1 |
For the most part, yeah Will. But, I've tried, and when I say "try" I mean sip enough to set a sliver or a taste, several others. Just the smell of beer can make my stomach churn.

Ironically, in a way, my first beer was a Heniken that I was more or less forced to drank. I ended up gulping down most of it no problem. Had a bunch of other beers that night too with no problem. Now? Ugh... I don't even drink that much, and almost never until I turned 21. It's an odd situation for sure.
Well, there is a new accent of n00b language. It's called: Vet LUEser goes Foreign!-MegaSpy22
Those must be the pants of the gods!-Digitalpython
#007 | BUM | | (edited)
I've always hated beer... not sure why... the hoppier the worse. On the other hand, I can drink most liquors with a smile, and I never slam a shot because it's wasted enjoyment of the taste.

I don't believe in getting drunk, but a bit below that and it can be good... finding the measure that can lower the unnecessary inhibitions without forsaking the necessary ones.
#008 | BUM |
On the other hand, I think the iced tea thing is the most bizarre thing I've heard today, but if there are two who proffer this ostensibly preposterous tale, perhaps it isn't quite that crazy.
#009 | Jacehan |
I still don't like beer, after all these years and lots of people trying to get me to like it.

Some caveats: I do enjoy a lambic and am okay with other fruit beers.

But really cider is where it's at. Also mixed drinks.
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