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#001 | darknalareturns |
It's a thing I do now, and I have made myself like 4 scarfs, 1pair of socks, 2 head bands, hand warmers,and leg warmers. I'm considering getting the pattern for baby hats and making some for the hospital in my college town.
#002 | HeyDude |
Do you multitask, like knitting while you watch TV, or do you just knit? Very cool that you're picking up a new skill :)
#003 | darknalareturns |
It depends. Usually I multitask but if I'm knitting cuz I'm stressed, I have been known to just knit and focus on it.
#004 | BUM |
Knitting is tough stuff. I can crochet (not in a very pretty way but I can make a decent hat or slippers), and that's about it. I started getting into that stuff when I started to care about primitive skills.

However, this is neat: while I was in France working on farms, the second farm had sheep. So I took some wool that had been sheared some time ago and washed, and then I carded the wool and spun it on a spinning wheel. It is a lot of work to get used to how to spin, but after an hour or two of wasted wool, you get the hang of it. It's still not pretty but it's usable I think.