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What's up with this snow....

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#001 | darknalareturns |
There are all these big snow storms but we barely have any snow because the brunt of the storm misses us.....what's up with that...I just want a nice amount of snow
#002 | LinkPrime1 |
Are you guys in a valley or something?
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#003 | BUM |
Snow can be really nice to look at when it's freshly fallen. What a mess it becomes after that, though!
#004 | Kylo Force |
Does it snow often where you are? It doesn't snow very often in western Washington, but even a little snow screws us up pretty badly because our roads are hilly on top of nobody really knowing how to drive in it.
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#005 | darknalareturns |
It snows a fair amount, but it's never enough for me.
#006 | HeyDude |
Plenty here... six inches or so.