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#001 | darknalareturns |
My boyfriend bought me the new Pokemon game, and this is my first Pokemon game. I fell in love with an espurr that I named Floop (obscure adventure time in joke thing). He evolved, and he's still the cutest thing ever. The bad part of this story is it's almost 1:00 and I should be sleeping cuz I have to help out with little kids at church tomorrow morning, but I can't stop doing Pokemon-Amie stuff cuz it's just so cute I could die for 5trillion years. Thus ends my fan girl rant about my love for my Pokemon.
#002 | Kodiologist |
Speaking of Adventure Time, here's an amusing thing I saw on /r/mylittlepony the other day.


"So, when you are on FACEBOOK 'networking' with all your FRIENDS, what you are really networking with is a bunch of ELECTRONS that could care less about you or your existence."
#003 | BUM |
Always wanted to get in to Pokemon, but I never did. And when I say always, I mean, starting a few years ago I acquired that sentiment.
#004 | LinkPrime1 |
The new one's supposed to be REALLY good. I should get a 3DS at some point. Too many good games I want to play... MIGHT AS WELL LIST THEM LP!


New Zelda, New Fire Emblem, Kingdom Hearts, Star Fox 64 remake, Mario Kart, new Pokemon...That alone is probably worth buying the system right?
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#005 | PaperSpock |
Yeah. Of them, my favorite was probably the new Zelda game, bur all that I've played (zelda, fire emblem, mario kart) were worthwhile.
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#006 | HeyDude |
I was a huge fan of Pokemon Stadium 64 and I liked Pokemon Snap, too, but I've only ever played Red and Blue and now the world has moved on without me.
#007 | Kylo Force |
Having played at least one Pokemon game from every generation, Pokemon XY is the most fun I've had with a non-remake game since the original Gold/Silver. (HeartGold is probably my favorite Pokemon game of all time if you do include the remakes.) Have fun with the journey.
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#008 | willis5225 |
Some friends of mine created a new innovation in pokemoning by which they will complete a few gyms, do some grinding, and then mail the cartridge to one another and tag off in that way. It helps keep the game from reaching that point where you just don't care anymore. (I find it happens for me ~2/3 of the way through). Once it comes back 'round to you you can see how things have progressed, see if there's an interesting new pokemon in the party. Through the power of friendship, you can even display the altruism of grinding up something awful just to mail it away, like that Togepei.
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