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So I got a Wii U.

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#001 | Jacehan |
Or rather, I was given one for my birthday.

I must say, Nintendoland is a ton of fun. It really highlights how fun a-symmetrical play can be.
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#002 | HeyDude |
Princess I got a Wii U!!!!!!!
#003 | Kylo Force | | (edited)
I played Wii U at a Friendsgiving party a couple weekends ago (it was my first Wii U play ever) and it was ridiculously fun. We really liked the "catch Mario" and the "find the ghost" games.

I also got to play Super Mario 3D World and that was also fantastic, but it also made me miss the style of Super Mario Galaxy. I really wouldn't mind a Super Mario Galaxy 3 on the Wii U.

Awhile back Best Buy had a promo to sell back any XBox 360 or PS3 for at least $100 in trade in value, plus double trade-in value for any games, so I managed to get $122.50 for my old Xbox 360 that I snagged a few years back on a Black Friday. I consider it the start of my Wii U fund, but I'm probably not going to act on it until Smash 4 comes out.
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#004 | freepizza |
Alex, I feel like the Monty video is an world renowned video classic, yet it's really only us that ever saw it. Still a good memory.

I'd like a Wii U. But I'd almost rather have a 3DS at this point.
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#005 | Pooty Boy |
^^^ The post alluding to Anthony's infamous video made me laugh.
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