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Merry Christmas, errbody.

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#001 | Kylo Force |
Belated, of course.

The lack of posting yesterday leads me to believe we were all too busy spending time with (other) people we care about to do something like do greetings on an internet message board, but despite a slower year here, it's still been a good year. Here's to many more.

And just in case, have a safe and celebratory upcoming new year, too.
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#002 | HeyDude |
What'd y'alls get? I got a car stereo w/speakers (cheap ones and we already had the car stereo from another car), a food dehydrator, and some miscellany. I'm gonna be making some kick-ass jerky.
#003 | Pooty Boy |
Merry belated Christmas!

I hope we all remain here to see the next!
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#004 | Jacehan |
Eh, it's not belated to say Merry Christmas until Jan 6th.

I got a bunch of games of the board and video variety. Too many - I don't have time! Though I did manage to play all but one of the board games and 3 of the video games during this vacation. Which I maybe slightly regret, since now I have a bunch of work to do today.
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#005 | PaperSpock |
Awesome, what games?
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