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Adult Snow Days

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#001 | willis5225 |
So I am lucky enough to have those a lot, but they feel kind of like a cheat. Like I am also lucky enough to work from home a lot, so not being able to physically get to the office isn't a theoretical impediment to working. But at the same time we're "closed" so I would like to not work. It's a complicated ethical issue.

The practical answer is that we're a union shop, and those folks would never stand for having to work on such a day, so I can just do my thing. But I still wonder, y'know?
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#002 | HeyDude |
If your boss says "day off" it's day off. If he says "day not off", day not off. The ethical thing to do is to uphold your contract with your employer. So just enjoy your day off.
#003 | Jacehan |
I agree with Alex.

I usually don't enjoy snow days, because I'd rather be with my students teaching, but I am enjoying today.
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#004 | BUM |
I thirdify the sentiment.
#005 | Kodiologist |
I was already on vacation. What a waste.

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