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#001 | Kylo Force |
The Seattle Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl in a couple weeks after a spectacular victory over the 49ers yesterday. If you have no strong affiliation to either team for the upcoming game, please consider lending your energy and enthusiasm to the Seahawks to help them drop a giant Spirit Bomb on the Denver Broncos when they play in the Super Bowl on February 2nd.

I'd add more but I'm barely an NFL fan as it is and the only other person on this board I know that follows the NFL is already even more strongly attached to the Seahawks than I am.

Also, I found out through a bit of cursory research that I'm as old if not older than many of the major players of the team (or at least, the ones that get all the press.) That's sort of weird to me.
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As a diehard New York Giants fan, thank you so much for taking down the 49ers!
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I wholeheartedly approve of this topic. I had the privilege of getting to catch a game live this year but misfortune of being in attendance for one of their few losses. I grew up in Chicago during the great Bulls run of the 1990s (and was a pretty big NBA fan at the time), but I can say that this is by FAR the most I've ever cared about any sports team. Can't wait for the 2nd.

GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
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