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#001 | Pooty Boy |
I'm such a sucker for HARDCORE customization of my characters. I go so over-the-top making sure they look exactly the way I want them to.
"A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing." - George Lucas
#002 | GMTELigence |
I've dropped hours on perfecting myself in the WWE games, especially after they introduced a logo creator so that I can accurately create my tattoos. I find it much easier to immerse myself in a game if I am able to produce a relatively accurate representation of myself.
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#003 | Pooty Boy |
I've done the same with the Rock Band franchise. While limited on customization to an extent, all my characters are as close to my actual likeness as possible.
"A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing." - George Lucas
#004 | PaperSpock |
I loathe starting a new game of an Elder Scrolls/Fallout game since I know I'll be at least an hour on the character creation screen. And even then it's never quite right. It also drives me crazy when I can't figure out exactly what a setting is doing. It's usually one of the ones that subtly changes the depth of a certain facial bone. And I feel bad since I want it to be just right, but then since I'm not even sure what I'm doing, I'm not even sure how to get it "just right" and saying it doesn't matter feels a little bit wrong.
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#005 | HeyDude |
I spend a long long time making faces too. Mass Effect was the hardest one to do for me.
#006 | LinkPrime1 |
I usually spend like 20 minutes to a half hour or so. The worst is when you get it perfectly right, and then the file doesn't save AND YOU HAVE TO START ALL OVER AND YOU NEVER GET IT EXACTLY THE SAME AND UGHHHHHHHHH
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