String notebook

Created 12 Aug 2014 • Last modified 20 Aug 2014

Simple association

with(sb[good.s,], qplot(n.gambles, disc.delay))


with(sb[good.s,], qplot(n.gambles, disc.risk))


rd(with(sb[good.s,], c(
    Delay = cor(n.gambles, disc.delay, method = "kendall"),
    Risk = cor(n.gambles, disc.risk, method = "kendall"))))
Delay -0.015
Risk -0.015

So there is no real assocation between number of gambles taken and discount factor (for time or for risk). The correlation for delay at least has the right sign (less patient people took more gambles). For risk, on the other hand, we have the wrong sign (more risk-averse people took more gambles).