Kodi Arfer

Kodi's spelling dictionary

Last updated 16 Jan 2021

The free-software world has good spellcheckers (like Aspell) and general-purpose word lists (like SCOWL) but lacks specialized, technical spelling dictionaries. (SCOWL has technical words in its larger word lists, but they're intermingled with words that could hide typos, like "eponymus".) Here, to help fill the gap, is my personal Aspell dictionary. I've removed words that I don't think will be generally useful (like "Kodi") and organized the list into categories to make it easier to take only what you want. I use American spellings, and coverage is biased towards my own interests: psychology, math, and computer geekery, with a little neuroscience, philosophy, grammar, and fantasy fiction. Also included are several surnames (mostly of psychologists; I should stress that the inclusion of a name in this list is not meant to be a statement about the person bearing the name), a few given names, and lots of miscellany. I would be grateful for any corrections.

The format of each line is:

c word   # Comment

where c is a single character representing the category and word is the word. Categories are described in lines of the form:

c !name Snips and snails and puppy-dogs' tails

Here's the list. Currently, it has 947 words.

c !name Computers (software, programming, and the Internet)
c accessor
c adaptively
c Bourne
c bytecode
c comparator
c Craigslist
c crowdsource
c crowdsourcing
c curlies   # A slang term for braces
c extensibility
c Firefox
c Google
c grayscale
c Hy
c inbox
c interoperability
c interoperable
c IP
c iteratively
c LaTeX
c lookup
c lossily
c lossless
c losslessly
c lossy
c MediaWiki
c memetic
c memetically
c metacharacter
c metacharacters
c metaprogramming
c MTurk
c multiplayer
c namespace
c OpenDocument
c parallelize
c parallelized
c parallelizes
c parallelizing
c postprocessor
c postprocessors
c preprocessing
c preprocessor
c preprocessors
c programmatically
c Rakudo
c Reddit
c regex
c reimplement
c reimplemented
c reimplementing
c reimplements
c reStructuredText
c screenshot
c Stallman
c superclass
c technobabble
c Tetris
c timestamp
c timestamps
c tokenize
c tokenized
c tokenizes
c tokenizing
c Ubuntu
c uniquified
c uniquifies
c uniquify
c uniquifying
c variadic
c whitespace
c wiki
c Wikipedia
f !name Fiction and mythology
f anime
f bronies
f brony
f Celestia
f channeler
f Cthulhu
f deific
f Doylist
f draconic
f ectoplasm
f ectoplasmic
f Fluttershy
f Gehennom
f golem
f golems
f grimoire
f mage
f mages
f manticore
f manticores
f Mimir
f Pikachu
f scried
f scries
f scry
f scrying
f shapeshift
f shapeshifter
f shapeshifting
f spellbook
f spellcaster
f Tartarus
f teleport
f teleportation
f teleported
f teleporting
f undead
f vampirism
f Voldemort
f Wookie
l !name Language
l backronym
l calque
l dysphemism
l dysphemistic
l entendre   # In "double entendre"
l eponym
l euphemize
l euphemized
l euphemizing
l guillemet
l guillemets
l initialism
l initialisms
l mononym
l sequitur   # In "non sequitur"
l subordinator
m !name Mathematics, statistics, and theoretical computer science
m abelian
m accuracies
m additivity
m agglomerative
m Akaike
m algebraist
m algebraists
m Archimedean
m axiomatize
m betweenness
m bijection
m bijective
m bimodal
m biostatistician
m biostatisticians
m biostatistics
m bivariate
m Bolzano
m Bonferroni
m cardinality
m CIs
m codomain
m collinear
m collinearity
m combinator
m combinatorial
m combinatorics
m combinators
m constructible
m contrapositive
m coordinatize
m coordinatizing
m coprime
m covariance
m covariate
m covariates
m curvilinear
m dataset
m datasets
m decile
m deciles
m dendrogram
m diagnosticity
m dichotomization
m dichotomized
m dichotomously
m differentiability
m differentiable
m dimensionality
m discretization
m discretize
m discretized
m discretizing
m disjunction
m DV
m DVs
m econometrics
m equicontinuity
m equicontinuous
m exchangeability
m exponentiate
m extrema
m extremum
m finitude
m formulae
m Fraenkel
m frequentist
m heteroscedastic
m heteroscedasticity
m homeomorphic
m homoscedastic
m homoscedasticity
m hyperbolically
m hypercyclic
m hypercyclicity
m hyperparameter
m hyperparameters
m hyperplane
m identifiability
m iff
m iid
m infima
m infimum
m injective
m injectivity
m interquartile
m intransitivity
m irreducibles
m jitter
m jittered
m jittering
m kurtosis
m lemmata
m leptokurtic
m Levenshtein
m Lipschitz
m logarithmically
m logit
m logits
m maxima
m maximin
m minima
m missingness
m monad
m monads
m monotonicity
m multilinear
m multilinearity
m multinomial
m Neyman
m nondecreasing
m nondeterministic
m nondeterministically
m nondiagnostic
m nonincreasing
m nonlinearly
m nonnegative
m nonparametric
m nonpositive
m nonreflexivity
m nonsignificant
m nonsingular
m nontrivially
m nullary
m optimality
m orthogonally
m outlier
m outliers
m overfit
m overfitting
m overrepresented
m overweighted
m parametrically
m parametrization
m parametrize
m parametrized
m parsers
m platykurtic
m Poincaré
m polychoric
m predictively
m preimage
m prepend
m primality
m probit
m quantile
m quantiles
m quartile
m quartiles
m recode
m reparametrizing
m resampled
m resampling
m rescale
m rescaled
m rescales
m rescaling
m sinusoids
m skewness
m Spearman
m stationarity
m subadditive
m subadditivity
m subsample
m subsequence
m subsequences
m superset
m suprema
m supremum
m surjection
m surjective
m surjectivity
m tesseract
m toroidal
m tuple
m unbiasedness
m underfitting
m underrepresentation
m underweighted
m univariate
m variabilities
m varimax
m Voronoi
m weighings
m Zermelo
n !name Given names
n Gaylen
n Rebecca
n Tobias
p !name Psychology, psychometrics, neuroscience, biology, chemistry, and medicine
p acetylcholine
p Adderall
p affective
p affectively
p affiliative
p agonist
p agonists
p alkyl
p Ambien
p ampoule
p ampoules
p amygdala
p amygdalae
p amygdaloid
p anaphrodisia
p anaphrodisiac
p anaphrodisiacs
p androphilia
p anhedonia
p anilingus
p anthropogenic
p antiparkinsonian
p antipsychotic
p antipsychotics
p antisociality
p apperception
p appetitive
p areola
p areolae
p Ariely
p asexuals
p Asperger
p autist
p autistics
p autists
p automatization
p aversive
p avoidant
p benzodiazepine
p benzodiazepines
p binging
p biohazard
p BMI   # body mass index
p bonobo
p bonobos
p bottlenose
p boundedly
p Camerer
p cephalopod
p cephalopods
p cerebrospinal
p cisgender
p cognitions
p colonoscopy
p comorbid
p comorbidities
p comorbidity
p conspecific
p conspecifics
p construal
p consummatory
p contralateral
p correlational
p corticostriatal
p cortisol
p creatureliness
p creaturely
p cultivar
p cyproterone
p damsire
p decussate
p decussates
p deidentified
p deidentify
p deinonychus
p dichotomize
p dichotomizing
p disinhibited
p dispositional
p distractibility
p distractor
p distractors
p dizygotic
p dopamine
p dopaminergic
p dyad
p dyads
p dysmorphic
p dysphoria
p dysphoric
p dysthymia
p echidna
p econometrically
p economicus
p efferents
p electrophysiological
p Elsevier
p emissivity
p endocannabinoid
p endocannabinoids
p endocrinological
p endorphins
p ephebophilia
p epiphenomenal
p epistemically
p epistemologist
p epistemologists
p eroticization
p eroticize
p erotophilia
p erotophobia
p erotophobic
p evaluability
p evaluator
p evolutionarily
p examinee
p excitatory
p extraversion
p extravert
p extraverted
p eyeblink
p fMRI
p follicular
p Freitas
p frottage
p gametogenesis
p genotype
p genotyped
p genotyping
p glial
p glutamate
p glutamatergic
p glutamine
p gustation
p gynephilia
p haloperidol
p haplotype
p heterozygous
p hippocampus
p homologue
p homosexually
p homozygous
p homunculi
p homunculus
p Hsee
p hyperaccessibility
p hyperaccessible
p iatrogenic
p immunosuppression
p impulsivity
p interpretability
p interpretable
p intertemporal
p introns
p ionotropic
p ipsilateral
p Kahneman
p ketoglutarate
p kinesthetic
p lesioned
p Likert
p limbic
p longlegs
p Luhmann
p luteinizing
p mediational
p medroxyprogesterone
p melatonin
p menarche
p metabotropic
p metacognition
p methaqualone
p methylphenidate
p micronutrient
p micronutrients
p microtubule
p microtubules
p misattribute
p misattributed
p misattribution
p mitochondria
p mitochondrion
p modalities
p modality
p monoamine
p monoamines
p monotreme
p monozygotic
p motivationally
p MZ   # monozygotic
p NEO   # In "NEO-FFI" and "NEO PI-R"
p neurobiological
p neuroeconomics
p neuroimaging
p neuropeptide
p neuropeptides
p neuroscience
p neuroscientific
p neuroscientist
p neuroscientists
p neuroticism
p nmol
p nociception
p noradrenaline
p norepinephrine
p nystagmus
p occluder
p olfaction
p operationalization
p operationalizations
p operationalize
p operationalized
p opioid
p opposable
p orbitofrontal
p organismal
p oxytocin
p paroxetine
p parthenogenetic
p pathologization
p pathologize
p pathologized
p pathologizes
p pathologizing
p patrilineal
p patrilineally
p peacocking
p peritraumatic
p peritraumatically
p phagocytize
p phagocytized
p phallometry
p phenomenologically
p philtrum
p postsynaptic
p posttreatment
p pramipexole
p prefrontal
p pressor   # In "cold-pressor task"
p pretreatment
p prevalences
p priapism
p proband
p probands
p proctology
p prosocial
p prosociality
p prosocially
p psychodynamic
p psychodynamics
p psycholinguistics
p psychometrically
p psychometrician
p psychometricians
p psychometrics
p psychopharmaceutical
p psychopharmaceuticals
p psychopharmacology
p Rachlin
p reliabilities
p replicability
p representativeness
p reputational
p reuptake
p rostral
p Rotheram
p saccade
p saccading
p sanitization
p sessile
p sexualize
p sexualized
p sexualizes
p sexualizing
p sociosexuality
p somatosensory
p spandrel
p spandrelism
p spatiotemporal
p speciation
p spermatophore
p STDs
p stepwise
p stressor
p stressors
p striatal
p striatum
p Stroop
p subscale
p subscales
p suicidality
p symptomatology
p synesthesia
p synesthetic
p syngamy
p Tetlock
p tetrahydrocannabinol
p thyroiditis
p Titchner
p titrate
p titrated
p titrates
p titrating
p Tourette
p transduced
p tribadism
p tryptophan
p Tversky
p vaginismus
p valenced
p validities
p vanillin
p ventromedial
p vestibular
p viscerality
p visuospatial
p vitro   # In "in vitro"
p Wechsler
p Zajonc
z !name Miscellany
z advisee
z advisees
z advisors
z afterwards
z aggress
z aggressed
z aggresses
z aggressing
z al   # In "et al."
z aleph
z analyses
z analytical
z Angeleno
z Angelenos
z Angeles
z anthropic
z anthropomorphize
z anthropomorphized
z anthropomorphizes
z anthropomorphizing
z approachability
z arcana
z archetypical
z arrestee
z arrestees
z assumedly
z asynchrony
z atheoretical
z autodidactic
z autodidacticsm
z bandicoot
z believability
z bindle
z Bornean
z bulleted
z burqa
z café
z calendrical
z caltrop
z caltrops
z capita   # In "per capita"
z castrati
z Charlottesville
z chitter
z chittered
z chittering
z chitters
z colloquia
z comedically
z concordantly
z Confucianist
z Confucianists
z contrarian
z corpsicle
z could've
z counterfactual
z counterintuitive
z counterintuitively
z debatably
z defeatingly
z defenestrate
z definitional
z deniability
z deontological
z desynchronization
z detectability
z diarch
z diarchy
z didacticism
z differentially
z digressionary
z dilemmata
z disambiguate
z disambiguated
z disambiguates
z disambiguating
z disambiguation
z disposability
z dissociable
z distractible
z dojigger
z Dopp
z dualist
z duffel
z durations
z dystopia
z efficacies
z eldritch
z electability
z epistemic
z epistemological
z epistemologically
z equilibria
z essentialism
z essentialist
z esurient
z et   # In "et al."
z ethicist
z eunuchism
z fakery
z falsifiability
z falsificationism
z falsificatory
z fashionista
z faux
z favorability
z fellate
z fellated
z fellates
z fellating
z fivefold
z flashbang
z flechette
z flipside
z fogey
z forbiddance
z Führer
z gaijin
z generalizability
z geocentrism
z granularities
z Hashanah
z hearted
z hearteningly
z heliocentrism
z hermeneutics
z hijinks
z hoc   # In "ad hoc"
z hominem   # In "ad hominem"
z housecat
z hypotheticality
z imperviousness
z incapacitation
z incentivized
z incommensurable
z incommensurably
z incongruent
z incorporeity
z indices
z instantiation
z instantiations
z intentioned
z interdisciplinarity
z interlibrary
z irreproducible
z irresistibility
z kholodets
z LaGuardia
z latke
z latkes
z leapt
z lispingly
z literatures
z Los
z lumen
z lumens
z luminiferous
z manageably
z may've
z men's
z merchantability
z midline
z might've
z militaries
z millennia
z miscommunication
z misremember
z mooks
z mâché   # In "papier-mâché"
z natured
z naturedly
z nauseam   # In "ad nauseam"
z normatively
z numerousness
z Obama
z observables
z online
z ostensive
z ostensively
z papier   # In "papier-mâché"
z parodic
z passant   # In "en passant"
z permissibility
z Popperian
z positivity
z preindustrial
z prepended
z prepending
z prespecified
z priori   # In "a priori"
z proficiencies
z progressivism
z progressivist
z progressivists
z proven
z proximately
z pseudonymously
z pseudoscientific
z Puerto   # In "Puerto Rico"
z puffery
z quadrichotomy
z qualia
z quesadilla
z quesadillas
z quo   # In "status quo"
z reactivity
z rebar
z recoilless
z reconceptualization
z recreationally
z reexperience
z referenda
z reification
z reified
z relatedly
z relativistically
z reproducibility
z residuary
z responder
z resubmission
z roboticist
z roboticists
z roly   # In "roly-poly"
z romanticization
z Rosh   # In "Rosh Hashanah"
z se   # In "per se"
z sedulity
z should've
z singlemindedly
z situational
z snarky
z spacetime
z spelunk
z spelunked
z spelunking
z spelunks
z spilt
z steganography
z stereotypically
z suboptimal
z superordinate
z supportively
z synchronism
z themself
z theodicy
z thingie
z Tiananmen
z tradeoff
z tradeoffs
z trichotomous
z trichotomy
z trinitarianism
z troublingly
z unaddressed
z uncoincidentally
z underappreciated
z undergird
z undergirds
z underperform
z underperformed
z underreport
z unexamined
z unfalsifiability
z unfalsifiable
z uninterpretable
z unrelatedly
z unsupportive
z unyieldingly
z vengefulness
z veridical
z versa   # In "vice versa"
z vigintillion
z vigintillions
z vortices
z whencever
z women's
z y'know
z Yorker   # In "New Yorker"
z ziggurat
z ziggurats