The Forbidden Knowledge Test

Created 8 Apr 2018 • Last modified 20 Mar 2019

The mainstream news media. Hollywood. Professors. The government. The United Nations. What do these people have in common? They think they're authorities. They have a lot of opinions about what you should believe. There are lots of things they want you to believe, and lots of other things they don't want you to believe—things that they don't even want you to think about. Dangerous ideas. Forbidden knowledge. These authorities are highly influential, but have they influenced you? Do you believe everything the elites tell you, or do you take a good hard look at the evidence, think for yourself, and come to your own conclusions? Take this test to find out how much "forbidden knowledge" you have, and how willing you are to believe the comforting narratives foisted upon the public by people in power.

Check each item that agree with, whether you know it for sure or you only suspect it—skepticism of mainstream narratives is the first step towards forbidden knowledge. Add up the point value of each checked item to determine your forbidden-knowledge score.

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