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Pony gallery

Here is My Little Pony fanart I've made, commissioned, requested, or been peripherally associated with.

Fluttershy made out of lots of copies of the word "yay"

Part of my frame for Project Yay. (SVG, Reddit thread)

A paused YouTube video in which Rarity's face is replaced by that of "handsome" Squidward

My Little Squidward: Friendship is Tentacles by /u/PsychoDuck on Reddit, with tiny contributions by me. (YouTube video)

An earth pony with gray fur and a green mane and tail wearing glasses

My OC, Almost Surely, by Stardog, commissioned by me.

Almost Surely

Almost Surely, sketched by /u/NotEnoughApples on Reddit and vectored by RAGErER. (DeviantArt, SVG)

Almost Surely

Almost Surely wearing a stetson, by RAGErER. (DeviantArt)

A group photo of ponies

The OCs of Bronies NYC, by Taurson. Almost Surely is third from left. (original size, Derpibooru)

The bust of a colt with a golden coat, a blond mane, a blue bowtie, and a sinister expression. Coins and a banknote are falling though the air behind him.

Hard Bargain, one of my RPG characters, by Jackson Felty. (original size, no background)

Applejack pointing at a chalkboard full of equations

Applejack doing fancy mathematics, by /u/PingasLord on Reddit, requested by me. (original size, Reddit thread)

Alicorn Applejack on an apple-topped throne

Alicorn Applejack, by /u/manfartwish on Reddit, requested by me. (Reddit thread)

Applejack's head in the shape of a shark's head

Applejack as a shark, by /u/Dr_Trixie on Reddit, colored by me. (Reddit thread)

A humanized Apple Bloom holding a chain whip and dagger

Apple Bloom Belmont, by Dreamingnoctis, commissioned by me. (original size, Twitter)

An alicorn Apple Bloom flying while zap apples and apple-colored explosions shoot out of her

Apple Bloom doing a Sonic Appleboom, by Coggler, commissioned by me. (DeviantArt)

Apple Bloom in a lab coat and goggles

Scientist Apple Bloom, by /u/Everythingpossible on Reddit, requested by me. (original size, Reddit thread; see also)

Big Mac with a flashlight surrounded by stalactites

Big McIntosh exploring a cave, by /u/Zaphy1415926 on Reddit, requested by me. (original size)

Twilight standing on two legs and holding out a hoof

Twilight channeling Mewtwo, by /u/Gamma4j on Reddit, requested by me. (original size, Reddit thread)

Pinkie blepping

Pinkie Pie, drawn by @arteficialtrees on Twitter, colored by me.

Starswirl the Bearded holding a grimoire

Starswirl the Bearded, by /u/TwistedMuffin on Reddit, commissioned by me. (original size)

Starswirl the Bearded mixing a bowl full of batter while saying "What's burning?"

Starswirl the Bearded baking a cake, by Cindry, requested by me. (Reddit thread)

Zecora using a computer and saying "What the buck is this 'Java'? I'd rather play in boiling lava."

Zecora programming, by Grayflower, requested by me. (original size, Reddit thread)

Derpy concentrating and Noteworthy sweating

Derpy and Noteworthy in a staring contest, by /u/VoodooRapture on Reddit, requested by me. (Reddit thread)

Coloratura and Jigglypuff singing while Coloratura plays the piano

Rara and Jigglypuff performing a duet, by bloodorangepancakes, requested by me. (Reddit thread)

Rockhoof uncovering a treasure chest

Rockhoof digging for treasure, by Jetsamjunk (dead link), requested by me. (original size (dead link), Reddit thread)