Kodi Arfer

Kodi's spelling dictionary

Last updated 1 Oct 2023

The free-software world has good spellcheckers (like Aspell) and general-purpose word lists (like SCOWL) but lacks specialized, technical spelling dictionaries. (SCOWL has technical words in its larger word lists, but they're intermingled with words that could hide typos, like "eponymus".) Here, to help fill the gap, is my personal Aspell dictionary. I've removed words that I don't think will be generally useful (like "Kodi") and organized the list into categories to make it easier to take only what you want. I use American spellings, and coverage is biased towards my own interests: psychology, math, and computer geekery, with a little neuroscience, philosophy, grammar, and fantasy fiction. Also included are several surnames (mostly of psychologists; I should stress that the inclusion of a name in this list is not meant to be a statement about the person bearing the name), a few given names, and lots of miscellany. I would be grateful for any corrections.

The format of each line is:

c word   # Comment

where c is a single character representing the category and word is the word. Categories are described in lines of the form:

c !name Snips and snails and puppy-dogs' tails

Here's the list. Currently, it has 1,009 words.

c !name Computers (software, programming, and the Internet)
c accessor
c adaptively
c backtick
c blockchain
c Bourne
c bytecode
c comparator
c Craigslist
c crowdsource
c crowdsourcing
c cryptocurrency
c curlies   # A slang term for braces
c extensibility
c Firefox
c Goodreads
c Google
c grayscale
c Hy
c inbox
c interoperability
c interoperable
c IP
c iteratively
c LaTeX
c lookup
c lossily
c lossless
c losslessly
c lossy
c MediaWiki
c memetic
c memetically
c metacharacter
c metacharacters
c metaprogramming
c microservices
c MTurk
c multiplayer
c namespace
c OpenDocument
c parallelize
c parallelized
c parallelizes
c parallelizing
c postprocessor
c postprocessors
c preprocessing
c preprocessor
c preprocessors
c programmatically
c Rakudo
c Reddit
c regex
c reimplement
c reimplemented
c reimplementing
c reimplements
c reStructuredText
c roguelikes
c screenshot
c Stallman
c superclass
c technobabble
c Tetris
c timestamp
c timestamps
c tokenize
c tokenized
c tokenizes
c tokenizing
c Ubuntu
c uniquified
c uniquifies
c uniquify
c uniquifying
c variadic
c WebAssembly
c whitespace
c wiki
c Wikipedia
f !name Fiction and mythology
f anime
f bronies
f brony
f Celestia
f channeler
f Cthulhu
f deific
f Doylist
f draconic
f ectoplasm
f ectoplasmic
f Fluttershy
f Gehennom
f golem
f golems
f grimoire
f Klingons
f mage
f mages
f manticore
f manticores
f Mimir
f Pikachu
f Pokémon
f Sarenrae
f scried
f scries
f scry
f scrying
f shapeshift
f shapeshifter
f shapeshifting
f spellbook
f spellcaster
f StarCraft
f Tartarus
f teleport
f teleportation
f teleported
f teleporting
f undead
f vampirism
f Voldemort
f Wookie
f Wookies
l !name Language
l backronym
l calque
l dysphemism
l dysphemistic
l entendre   # In "double entendre"
l eponym
l euphemize
l euphemized
l euphemizing
l guillemet
l guillemets
l initialism
l initialisms
l mononym
l sequitur   # In "non sequitur"
l subordinator
m !name Mathematics, statistics, and theoretical computer science
m abelian
m accuracies
m additivity
m agglomerative
m Akaike
m algebraist
m algebraists
m Archimedean
m axiomatize
m betweenness
m bijection
m bijective
m bimodal
m biostatistician
m biostatisticians
m biostatistics
m bivariate
m Bolzano
m Bonferroni
m cardinality
m centroid
m centroids
m CIs
m codomain
m collinear
m collinearity
m combinator
m combinatorial
m combinatorics
m combinators
m constructible
m contrapositive
m coordinatize
m coordinatizing
m coprime
m covariance
m covariate
m covariates
m curvilinear
m dataset
m datasets
m decile
m deciles
m dendrogram
m diagnosticity
m dichotomization
m dichotomized
m dichotomously
m differentiability
m differentiable
m dimensionality
m discretization
m discretize
m discretized
m discretizing
m disjunction
m DV
m DVs
m econometrics
m equicontinuity
m equicontinuous
m estimand
m exchangeability
m exponentiate
m extrema
m extremum
m finitude
m formulae
m Fraenkel
m frequentist
m heteroscedastic
m heteroscedasticity
m homeomorphic
m homoscedastic
m homoscedasticity
m hyperbolically
m hypercyclic
m hypercyclicity
m hyperparameter
m hyperparameters
m hyperplane
m identifiability
m iff
m iid
m infima
m infimum
m injective
m injectivity
m interquartile
m intransitivity
m irreducibles
m jitter
m jittered
m jittering
m kurtosis
m lemmata
m lemniscate
m leptokurtic
m Levenshtein
m Lipschitz
m logarithmically
m logit
m logits
m maxima
m maximin
m minima
m missingness
m monad
m monads
m monotonicity
m multilinear
m multilinearity
m multinomial
m Neyman
m nondecreasing
m nondeterministic
m nondeterministically
m nondiagnostic
m nonincreasing
m nonlinearly
m nonnegative
m nonparametric
m nonpositive
m nonreflexivity
m nonsignificant
m nonsingular
m nontrivially
m nullary
m optimality
m orthogonally
m outlier
m outliers
m overfit
m overfitting
m overrepresented
m overweighted
m parametrically
m parametrization
m parametrize
m parametrized
m parsers
m platykurtic
m Poincaré
m polychoric
m predictively
m preimage
m preorder
m prepend
m primality
m probabilistically
m probit
m quantile
m quantiles
m quartile
m quartiles
m recode
m reparametrizing
m resampled
m resampling
m rescale
m rescaled
m rescales
m rescaling
m sigmoid
m sinusoids
m skewness
m Spearman
m sphericity
m stationarity
m subadditive
m subadditivity
m subsample
m subsequence
m subsequences
m superset
m suprema
m supremum
m surjection
m surjective
m surjectivity
m tesseract
m toroidal
m tuple
m unbiasedness
m underfitting
m underrepresentation
m underweighted
m univariate
m variabilities
m varimax
m Voronoi
m weighings
m Zermelo
n !name Given names
n Gaylen
n Rebecca
n Tobias
p !name Psychology, psychometrics, neuroscience, biology, chemistry, and medicine
p acetylcholine
p Adderall
p affective
p affectively
p affiliative
p agonist
p agonists
p alkyl
p Ambien
p ampoule
p ampoules
p amygdala
p amygdalae
p amygdaloid
p anaphrodisia
p anaphrodisiac
p anaphrodisiacs
p androphilia
p anhedonia
p anilingus
p anthropogenic
p antimasking
p antiparkinsonian
p antipsychotic
p antipsychotics
p antisociality
p antivaccination
p antivaxxers
p apperception
p appetitive
p areola
p areolae
p Ariely
p asexuals
p Asperger
p autist
p autistics
p autists
p automatization
p aversive
p avoidant
p benzodiazepine
p benzodiazepines
p binging
p biohazard
p BMI   # body mass index
p bonobo
p bonobos
p bottlenose
p boundedly
p Brownmiller
p Camerer
p cephalopod
p cephalopods
p cerebrospinal
p cisgender
p cognitions
p colonoscopy
p comorbid
p comorbidities
p comorbidity
p conspecific
p conspecifics
p construal
p consummatory
p contralateral
p correlational
p corticostriatal
p cortisol
p creatureliness
p creaturely
p cultivar
p cyproterone
p damsire
p decussate
p decussates
p deidentified
p deidentify
p deinonychus
p dichotomize
p dichotomizing
p disinhibited
p dispositional
p distractibility
p distractor
p distractors
p dizygotic
p dopamine
p dopaminergic
p duloxetine
p dyad
p dyads
p dysmorphic
p dysphoria
p dysphoric
p dysthymia
p echidna
p econometrically
p economicus
p efferents
p electrophysiological
p Elsevier
p emissivity
p endocannabinoid
p endocannabinoids
p endocrinological
p endorphins
p ephebophilia
p epiphenomenal
p epistemically
p epistemologist
p epistemologists
p eroticization
p eroticize
p erotophilia
p erotophobia
p erotophobic
p evaluability
p evaluator
p evolutionarily
p examinee
p excitatory
p extraversion
p extravert
p extraverted
p eyeblink
p fluoxetine
p fMRI
p follicular
p Freitas
p frottage
p gametogenesis
p genotype
p genotyped
p genotyping
p glial
p glutamate
p glutamatergic
p glutamine
p gustation
p gynephilia
p haloperidol
p haplotype
p heterozygous
p hippocampus
p homologue
p homosexually
p homozygous
p homunculi
p homunculus
p Hsee
p hyperaccessibility
p hyperaccessible
p iatrogenic
p immunosuppression
p impulsivity
p interpretability
p interpretable
p intertemporal
p introns
p ionotropic
p ipsilateral
p Kahneman
p ketoglutarate
p kinesthetic
p lesioned
p Likert
p limbic
p longlegs
p Luhmann
p luteinizing
p mediational
p medroxyprogesterone
p melatonin
p menarche
p metabotropic
p metacognition
p methaqualone
p methylphenidate
p micronutrient
p micronutrients
p microtubule
p microtubules
p misattribute
p misattributed
p misattribution
p mitochondria
p mitochondrion
p modalities
p modality
p monoamine
p monoamines
p monotreme
p monozygotic
p motivationally
p MZ   # monozygotic
p NEO   # In "NEO-FFI" and "NEO PI-R"
p neurobiological
p neuroeconomics
p neuroimaging
p neuropeptide
p neuropeptides
p neuroscience
p neuroscientific
p neuroscientist
p neuroscientists
p neuroticism
p nmol
p Noam
p nociception
p noradrenaline
p norepinephrine
p nystagmus
p occluder
p olfaction
p operationalization
p operationalizations
p operationalize
p operationalized
p opioid
p opposable
p orbitofrontal
p organismal
p oxytocin
p paroxetine
p parthenogenetic
p pathologization
p pathologize
p pathologized
p pathologizes
p pathologizing
p patrilineal
p patrilineally
p peacocking
p peritraumatic
p peritraumatically
p phagocytize
p phagocytized
p phallometry
p phenomenologically
p philtrum
p postsynaptic
p posttreatment
p pramipexole
p prefrontal
p pressor   # In "cold-pressor task"
p pretreatment
p prevalences
p priapism
p proband
p probands
p proctology
p prosocial
p prosociality
p prosocially
p psychodynamic
p psychodynamics
p psycholinguistics
p psychometrically
p psychometrician
p psychometricians
p psychometrics
p psychopharmaceutical
p psychopharmaceuticals
p psychopharmacology
p Rachlin
p reinforcer
p reinforcers
p reliabilities
p replicability
p representativeness
p reputational
p reuptake
p rostral
p Rotheram
p saccade
p saccading
p safewords
p sanitization
p sessile
p sexualize
p sexualized
p sexualizes
p sexualizing
p sibs
p sociosexuality
p somatosensory
p spandrel
p spandrelism
p spatiotemporal
p speciation
p spermatophore
p STDs
p stepwise
p stressor
p stressors
p striatal
p striatum
p Stroop
p subscale
p subscales
p suicidality
p symptomatology
p synesthesia
p synesthetic
p syngamy
p Tetlock
p tetrahydrocannabinol
p thyroiditis
p Titchner
p titrate
p titrated
p titrates
p titrating
p Tourette
p transduced
p tribadism
p tryptophan
p Tversky
p unvaccinated
p vaginismus
p valenced
p validities
p vanillin
p ventromedial
p vestibular
p viscerality
p visuospatial
p vitro   # In "in vitro"
p Wechsler
p Zajonc
z !name Miscellany
z accelerationist
z advisee
z advisees
z advisors
z afterwards
z aggress
z aggressed
z aggresses
z aggressing
z al   # In "et al."
z aleph
z analyses
z analytical
z Angeleno
z Angelenos
z Angeles
z anthropic
z anthropomorphize
z anthropomorphized
z anthropomorphizes
z anthropomorphizing
z approachability
z arcana
z archetypical
z arrestee
z arrestees
z aspirational
z assumedly
z asynchrony
z atheoretical
z autodidactic
z autodidacticsm
z bandicoot
z believability
z bindle
z bioconservative
z Bornean
z bulleted
z burqa
z café
z calendrical
z caltrop
z caltrops
z capita   # In "per capita"
z castrati
z Charlottesville
z chitter
z chittered
z chittering
z chitters
z colloquia
z comedically
z concordantly
z Confucianist
z Confucianists
z contrarian
z corpsicle
z could've
z counterfactual
z counterintuitive
z counterintuitively
z debatably
z defeatingly
z defenestrate
z definitional
z deniability
z denialism
z deontological
z desynchronization
z detectability
z diarch
z diarchy
z didacticism
z differentially
z digressionary
z dilemmata
z disambiguate
z disambiguated
z disambiguates
z disambiguating
z disambiguation
z disposability
z dissociable
z distractible
z dojigger
z Dopp
z dualist
z duffel
z durations
z dystopia
z efficacies
z eldritch
z electability
z epistemic
z epistemological
z epistemologically
z equilibria
z essentialism
z essentialist
z esurient
z et   # In "et al."
z ethicist
z eunuchism
z fakery
z falsifiability
z falsificationism
z falsificatory
z fashionista
z faux
z favorability
z fellate
z fellated
z fellates
z fellating
z festschrift
z fivefold
z flashbang
z flechette
z flipside
z fogey
z forbiddance
z Führer
z gaijin
z gameplay
z gefilte
z generalizability
z geocentrism
z granularities
z Hashanah
z hearted
z hearteningly
z heliocentrism
z heretically
z hermeneutics
z Herostratus
z hijinks
z hoc   # In "ad hoc"
z hominem   # In "ad hominem"
z housecat
z hypotheticality
z identifiably
z imperviousness
z incapacitation
z incentivized
z incommensurable
z incommensurably
z incomparability
z incongruent
z incorporeity
z indices
z instantiation
z instantiations
z intentioned
z interdisciplinarity
z interlibrary
z irreproducible
z irresistibility
z jism
z kholodets
z LaGuardia
z latke
z latkes
z leapt
z libertarianism
z lispingly
z literatures
z Los
z lumen
z lumens
z luminiferous
z manageably
z may've
z men's
z merchantability
z midline
z might've
z militaries
z millennia
z miscommunication
z misremember
z mooks
z mâché   # In "papier-mâché"
z natured
z naturedly
z nauseam   # In "ad nauseam"
z neoliberal
z Neoplatonic
z nihilo
z noogie
z normatively
z numerousness
z Obama
z observables
z online
z ostensive
z ostensively
z papier   # In "papier-mâché"
z parodic
z passant   # In "en passant"
z permissibility
z Popperian
z positivity
z preindustrial
z prepended
z prepending
z preprovided
z prespecified
z priori   # In "a priori"
z proficiencies
z progressivism
z progressivist
z progressivists
z proven
z proximately
z pseudonymously
z pseudoscientific
z Puerto   # In "Puerto Rico"
z puffery
z puzzlingly
z quadrichotomy
z qualia
z quesadilla
z quesadillas
z quo   # In "status quo"
z reactivity
z rebar
z recency
z recoilless
z reconceptualization
z recreationally
z reexperience
z referenda
z reification
z reified
z relatedly
z relativistically
z reproducibility
z residuary
z responder
z resubmission
z roboticist
z roboticists
z roleplay
z roly   # In "roly-poly"
z romanticization
z Rosh   # In "Rosh Hashanah"
z se   # In "per se"
z sedulity
z should've
z sigil
z singlemindedly
z situational
z snarky
z solipsist
z spacetime
z spelunk
z spelunked
z spelunking
z spelunks
z spilt
z steganography
z stereotypically
z suboptimal
z superordinate
z supportively
z synchronism
z tantric
z themself
z theodicy
z thingie
z Tiananmen
z tradeoff
z tradeoffs
z transhumanist
z trichotomous
z trichotomy
z trinitarianism
z tropospheric
z troublingly
z unaddressed
z uncoincidentally
z underappreciated
z undergird
z undergirds
z underperform
z underperformed
z underreport
z unexamined
z unfalsifiability
z unfalsifiable
z uninterpretable
z unrelatedly
z unsupportive
z unyieldingly
z vengefulness
z veridical
z versa   # In "vice versa"
z vigintillion
z vigintillions
z vortices
z Westchester
z whencever
z women's
z y'know
z Yorker   # In "New Yorker"
z ziggurat
z ziggurats