Kodi Arfer / Writing / TLA

The Lone Argonaut

The Lone Argonaut is a fantasy novel. Here's the blurb:

Jason Blue has been ten years old for just a few days when a dragon hungry for his flesh abducts him from American suburbia. Then things only get weirder. Permanently estranged from Earth, Jason travels through the slightly futuristic free city of Gyeeds, the supernaturally calm waters of the Starving Sea, and the ambiguously prosperous dictatorship of Droydania. He faces greedy alchemists, spellcasting police officers, tentacled terrorists, diabolical phoenixes, and delicate politics, both American and interdimensional. The only defensive magic he gets hold of, like seven-yard boots, tends to be more silly than useful, and his few allies—a fiery-tempered deputy mayor, a talented yet scatterbrained eight-year-old wizard, and a staunchly moral eunuch—have considerable differences with him and with each other. But all of Jason's immediate problems pale in comparison to the strange and mighty forces behind an imminent cataclysmic war, not to mention some exceptionally troubling philosophical questions.

For more information about the book, see its preface.