Antman vs. the Great Head

Created October 2001

I created this beautiful abomination, based on an in-joke, for a seventh-grade art class. I originally hand-wrote it on large-format paper. Here, I've transcribed the text, and I've used images for the drawings and magazine clippings.


O nce upon a time there was a little town called Stickville. The reason for its name was obvious: The person who drew it was a such a bad artist that all he could draw was stick figures. Anyway, Stickville was a pleasant little town. The stick men went to their stick offices and the stick women cared to their stick kids.

[Picture of Stickville]

All this ended, however, when the Great Head came to town. It was a ferocious monster that shot giant fireballs at the townspeople, grinning its evil smirk all the while. It also brought an army of Bageloids armed with cream cheese rays and lox grenades.

[Picture of the Great Head and the Bageloids attacking Stickville]

They might have well destroyed the town had it not been for…


[Picture of the Great Head]

Yes, Antman! He was faster than a speeding lawn mower! More powerful than insecticide! And able to leap over tall buildings without getting eaten by an ant lion!

…Whatever. Anyway, Antman flew down and injected his paralyzing poison into a Bageloid and stole its cream cheese ray. He loaded the weapon, took careful aim, and FIRED! SPLOOSH! The Great Head turned into a harmless, huge (but tasty) lump of cream cheese! At the sight of their fallen mistress, the evil Bageloids got into their Bagelships and blasted off, never to be seen again.

From that day on, the inhabitants of Stickville lived in peace, harmony and joy. And they never, ever, ran out of cream cheese.

The End