How the Red-Bellied Piranha Came to Be

Created spring 1998

A creation myth I wrote for class in fourth grade. Aside from adding some paragraph breaks, I haven't edited it since.

Clown fish always boasted about being prettier to Piranha, and one day when he was saying these rude remarks for the 50th time, Piranha lost his temper. He chased Clown fish, attempting to make a meal out of him and he caught up. Clown Fish had to think fast. He made some fancy moves, turns and swivels until he was sure he had lost Piranha for good.

Meanwhile, Piranha had been looking for Clown Fish for hours, and finally found him curled up with Sea Anemone. He swam over but Sea Anemone waved his tentacles and said, "Don't come any closer or I'll sting you!"

Now, Piranha wasn't very dumb and so he didn't get an inch (even an inch) closer. Instead, Piranha went and told his friend Butterfly Fish the whole story. Since Butterfly hadn't had his breakfast yet he agreed to devour Sea Anemone. Meanwhile, Sea Anemone had been waiting for another sight of Piranha when he came. Except Butterfly Fish was following right behind him.

"Oh oh," gulped Sea Anemone.

Butterfly Fish was picking randomly which tentacle to eat first. As soon as he picked one he bit it.

"YEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!" Said Sea Anemone.

"Mmmmmm, tastes like chicken," said Butterfly Fish.

Now this went on two more times and Butterfly Fish was just about to take another bite, when suddenly, out of nowhere, Clown Fish swam at a raging speed right toward Butterfly Fish! Piranha watched them both swim away until they were out of sight. He looked at Sea Anemone.

Piranha tried to swim away, but Sea Anemone grabbed him with all his tentacles and kept stinging him, determined to do this until Piranha's death. Now, Piranha sensed Sea Anemone's plans and knew he had to think fast. He opened his mouth with it's sharp, silver, blood-dripping teeth and sunk them right into 30 of Sea Anemone's tentacles!

"YEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!" Screamed Sea Anemone, with all his heart.

Piranha had escaped in all the ruckus. He was FREE!!!!! But he was hurt, hurt so much his belly was stained with blood. And that, my friend, is how the story goes.


The reason there are still piranhas without red bellies is because Piranha's brother also married and had children.

The end.