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#001 | Pooty Boy |
Well, PMS, let me spin you a tale. I finally - FINALLY - met this new girl. About 3 weeks ago I was introduced to a friend of a friend who turned out to be really and cool and we have a ton in common. I would have posted sooner, but I didn't know what would happen so I kept it to myself. Well, things are going well. She's cool as all get out and honestly every single time I see her name pop up on my phone it puts a smile on my face. I haven't felt this happy since, well, I guess when I met my ex. It's great. It's fun and refreshing and exciting and makes me feel good about myself.

But, naturally, it can't be easy. The dreaded ex is trying to work her way back in. She's (honestly shockingly) owned up to everything and has apologized. She's said that she never really let me go and everything that she's done since has been to get me out of her head. Whether that's true or not is a moot point - I've been screaming to hear that for over a year. She, not me this time, wants to try again. She's saying and doing all the right things.

I just don't know what to do. I obviously will always have a special place in my heart for my ex, and I've yearned for a second chance with her for nearly a year and a half. I finally have that wish - and my heart does tell me that she's being honest. But on the flip side, I have something NEW. And that's exciting and makes me happy.

I've never been more torn on a decision. I obviously can't play both of them because it's wrong and I wouldn't do that to people I care about. But if I try to hold out and see both and choose later I run the risk of getting caught, let alone feeling constantly guilty.

It can just never make sense and be crystal clear... :(
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#002 | willis5225 |
Don't rely on women* for your happiness?

*Or any other external entity.
Willis, it seems like every other time you post, I need to look up a word that's in the OED or Urban Dictionary but not both.
#003 | LinkPrime1 |

*grabs glowsticks*


But seriously, you 2 have got a ****ton of history. IMO, the sane and healthy thing would be to move on to your new girl. Seriously, if you smile when you get a text from this girl, who goes through your head when Lindsy texts you? If it's anything along the lines of "Oh God..." or just something that kinda dampens your mood, that's your answer right there.

I think you need closure. If I remember right, you said in the last topic you went months without talking to her and you were pretty happy. Now that she's contacted you again, you've been a mess (for lack of a better way to word it, no offense). Just tell your ex that now's not the time.

If things don't work out with your new girl...well, we'll cross that bridge if it needs to be. *knocks on wood*
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#004 | HeyDude |
When I went back to Lynsey, didn't work out at all. When I went back to Jess, most of the times it didn't work out... then finally it did. But it wasn't just magic or anything... it was a super-hard road and took a lot of praying and changing.
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