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With this Poll BattleSolomine5
"Hey, have you heard about Malaria?"Kylo Force2
It's been long enough: PMS Awards!HeyDude9
No, but seriously, $8 for cloves? (PMSians exchange recipes!)willis522523
I need to stop this "work really late/skip out right when work ends" cycle.Jacehan1
Skyward Sword is pretty darn good.Jacehan11
So what is your accent?Mith12
The Meeting your SO's Parents Threadwillis52253
On the day before Thanksgiving, I'm going on my first anti-date.Kodiologist14
I finished The Eye of the World during the post-Thanksgiving lunch slump today.DarthMarth1
Is it immoral...BUM35
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!Pooty Boy5
Batman vs. SupermanHeyDude4
Apparently I'm eligible for food stamps.Kodiologist6
So I was transferring my entire savings from one account to another...Jacehan3
Occupy Wall StreetJacehan72
Ken Levine, writer on M*A*S*H, Frasier, and Cheers reacts to an anime conventionPaperSpock1
Could you recreate society?PaperSpock7
I think the disc drive on my Wii may have just died.Jacehan6
Penn State...LinkPrime17
Okay, guys, back me upwillis52257
What did you do with your extra hour?PaperSpock8
ITT: Make your own Dinosaur ComicKodiologist7
A topic in which I whine about whiningKodiologist3
Aw shucks, Jordan.Kodiologist2
Happy birthday, Solo!HeyDude6
Recurring dreamsKodiologist10
Recursive dreamsPaperSpock5
So, I'm sort of not adjusting the best ever, socially speaking, in college.PaperSpock12
Silly psychology experimentsKodiologist19
Lies!Dont Interrupt Me1
I don't have an active message posted here...LinkPrime112
Snowtober? Snowlloween?Jacehan13
Went as Mario to a Halloween party this year!Pooty Boy4
Kirby's Return to Dreamland is extremely fun.Kylo Force4
Arthur Dent is the easiest back-up Halloween costume ever.Jacehan4
Financial Peace classHeyDude10
My friend taught his professor how to dougie.Kylo Force1
PMS is not dead!HeyDude7
Enslaving PMSHeyDude8
Shaving PMSSolomine3
Thank you all for creating my first fad!Pooty Boy4
Craving PMSOcarinakid23
Depraving PMS!PaperSpock5
Paving PMSDarthMarth4
Remember when it was cool to spell "cool" like "qewl"?HeyDude8
Saving PMSPooty Boy2
Happy birthday di!BUM4
So I was at a wedding last night....Jacz the Mage5
Happy birthday, Mark!willis52252
ITT: Post your custom dictionary for your spellcheckerKodiologist9
So I've started watching Battlestar Galacticawillis52255
I just got quoted by a quasi-famous person on Twitter.Jacehan3
My cousin got married! Check out this video of the wedding and reception.Kylo Force2
I went to a fall festival today; it was 80 degrees and I was wearing shorts.Jacehan4
A question concerning math and language (and maybe psychology)...PaperSpock4
Quotes out of Context: This Time It's PersonalKodiologist6
Steve Jobs is dead.Kodiologist2
Hey, HeyDude...PaperSpock9
The Truman Show might be one of my favourite movies.Jacehan2
How often do you fall in love?Kodiologist8
Remeber the friend I had a falling out with? We patched things up, just today!!!ZB30002
Are you brave enough to have my baby?ZB30003
Are fruits and vegetables any more nutritious than air?Kodiologist15
I just had to kick in my own door.Jacehan7
Ugh, why are packages only delivered during work hours?Jacehan11
No longer funemployed.Kylo Force3
Faculty lunchrooms are wonderful things.Kodiologist1
So, on the homepage of GameFAQsBUM3
Happy birthday Kate!!!BUM11
My kitchen keeps giving me electric shocks!Jacehan3
Donkey Kong '94 is an excellent game.Jacehan6
I have been trying to play Oblivion for five weekswillis52257
This seems like something Kylo would doHeyDude5
This totally cheered up my morning...PaperSpock2
Oh, I love you cold front!Jacehan3
PMS Pager: GaryHeyDude4
What do you guys think of this?HeyDude3
Why, George... why?Pooty Boy4
I was at work until 8 every day this week.Jacehan8
A 2010 paper mentions using a Power Mac for the experiments.Kodiologist3
I love how today's Dinosaur Comic validates my philistinism.Kodiologist3
So, I got my freshman nickname...Ringofsealing19
Convenient office hoursKodiologist4
So I put about $800 of school supplies on my credit card today.Jacehan1
I've been reading about solved games all morning.Jacehan3
I wrote a solver for my bank's CAPTCHAs in a few hours.Kodiologist14
Room seperator curtainsJacehan6
"Such-and-Such is an equal-opportunity/affirmative-action employer."Kodiologist17
So just over a week ago I had a falling out with a close friend of 9+ yearsZB30008
It just gets more complicated... when it rains it pours...Pooty Boy4
So what typically are the duties of the Best Man?Jacehan8
Hurricane IreneJacehan22
My account turned 10 today.Kylo Force3
Friday Night BlastJacehan4
I had casual sex this weekendPooty Boy31
So what have you done this summer?Jacehan8
Anyone watch A Game of Thrones?Jacehan5
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