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Enslaving PMS

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#001 | HeyDude |

*kicks James into Willis who falls into BUM who falls down and smacks his head and rolls beneath the feet of Mimir who trips near the window and knocks a ladder with a paint can on it which causes the paint can to fall onto passerby DIM's head who in his confusion falls out a window*

Now I am king!
#002 | DarthMarth |
Nevar! Mario and co. and I will fight you to the end!
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#003 | Kodiologist |
This would be BUM's cue to go to the game board and make a troll topic about how he can't win the first fight against Alex.

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#004 | Jacehan |
But...but...I paid my taxes!
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#005 | Solomine |
Taxes!? No wonder I have these shackles on my ankles...
Milt, the other white beverage!
#006 | Dont Interrupt Me |
Come, brothers! Join me! Through the window and to freedom!
Was it a car or a cat I saw?
#007 | Solomine |
Lets escape out this steam pipe!

No good there's steam!!!
Milt, the other white beverage!
#008 | BUM |
Man... I tried to "like" Solo's latest post. Stupid facebook.

Here on PMS we like stuff by sayin' lol.