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#001 | Kodiologist | | (edited)
I placed my office hours on Thursday mornings, and the class I'm TAing for is graded only on the basis of weekly quizzes, which are given on Wednesdays. Should I even bother showing up?

No, seriously, this is (ostensibly) what I'm getting paid for—I'm obliged to be there—but still, it's kind of silly. I may move my office hours just so I don't have to show up early.

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#002 | Kylo Force |
How early are we talking here? It should at least be accessible for the students you're (theoretically) available to help.

I was a mid afternoon tutor for a public speaking class a couple years ago and I would rebound between having absolutely nobody come in and barely having any room to breathe because so many people came in all at once. There was never a happy medium. I imagine that the same could potentially happen in your case?
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#003 | Kodiologist |
Nine to eleven. It's accessible to people who don't sleep through the whole morning.

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#004 | HeyDude |
Only the very LEAST procrastinatory people will show up. If you moved to Monday I think you'd be of more service. Some of the normal people have probably done their work (or attempted to) by then and have questions. You still get to avoid the rush of day-before-ers. Also, the people you help have a day to work on it the right way if they've been doing it wrong.