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I just got quoted by a quasi-famous person on Twitter.

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#001 | Jacehan |
Well, quasi-famous in math education circles, at least. But I was pretty pumped about it.

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#002 | Kodiologist | | (edited)
Math is like Perl: too deep for most mortals to comprehend, and no, it's not just the syntax.

Math is like Moby Dick: terrifying but ubiquitous.

Math is like plumbing: you might not want to deal with it, but you have to admit that civilization couldn't run without it.

Math is like those old AOL CD-ROMs: useful only by accident.

Math is like math: reflexive relations help keep it tidy.

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#003 | PaperSpock |
On a semi-related note, I read your most recent post a day or so ago, and then just today, I got to thinking, and made a sort of a mathematical connection I never made before. I was never good at making more complex figures on etch-a-sketches, especially circles, but it occurred to me that if I made the horizontal knob move to cos(x), and the vertical knob move to sin(x), it should work out (which is still probably harder in practice than in theory, but I don't have an etch-a-sketch to practice on).
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