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What did you do with your extra hour?

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#001 | PaperSpock |
After my alarm went off, I realized I hadn't changed my alarm clock the night before, so I decided to sleep an extra hour since it felt like that sort of a morning anyway, and I wasn't planning to be anywhere until ten.
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#002 | Solomine |
The company I deliver newspapers for couldn't decide what they wanted to have happen so they made everyone come in an hour early to deliver. I'm used to not getting sleep on weekends anyways.
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#003 | Kylo Force |
I volunteered at the last football game at Husky Stadium at UW on Saturday from 4:45PM-12:30AM, and then I was back in the stadium this morning at 6:45AM until just past 1:00PM helping begin the teardown process since it's going under renovation.

As for that extra hour, I got back to my friends' place where I was staying the night at about 1:45AM, where I waited until 2AM to see which of my devices would automatically change and which ones I had to manually reset.
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#004 | ShadowSpy |
I spent that hour laughing at the weird timestamps I had on my saved files.
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#005 | Dont Interrupt Me |
Watched half of True Romance at a midnight showing. Or, walked home after watching True Romance at a midnight showing, depending on which hour you count as extra.
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#006 | UntriedUserName |
Extra getting laid time
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#008 | willis5225 |
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Yeah kind of.

Not to get hella hypermasculine but this is kind of the winning answer.
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