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My kitchen keeps giving me electric shocks!

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#001 | Jacehan |
And not the fun kind. I realized fairly early on that if I touch my dishwasher and my sink at the same time, I get a shock, so I've learned not to do that, though that's obviously a problem. But today I was cleaning the stove and I got a huge shock, which is surprising because, well, where would the electricity have come from? It's an electric stove, and I wasn't touching something else to complete a circuit like with the sink.
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#002 | PaperSpock |
Yeah, I'd have that looked at.

The only time I've had a serious electric shock was when, as a kid, I got the "brilliant" idea to see what would happen if I stuck a knife in a toaster. Let's just say that neither I, the toaster, the knife, nor the fuse were better for it.
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#003 | Mith |
One of the lines is reversed, likely. Get an electrician soon.
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