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Batman vs. Superman

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#001 | HeyDude |
OK, so I know the whole "Batman is a master planner and he'd do something, SOMETHING, probably involving Krypton" argument. But I think Supes would really win. He could use his time-travel trick from the original movie to reframe the entire terms of the battle and maybe go back to when Batman was a kid. He could hurl rocks at Batman from space. He could laser vision from like, anywhere. He could throw the entire Earth into the Sun.

I don't care how much Kryptonite Batman gathers because if there's that much preparation time, Supes can just fly into space and work from there. There's no amount of Kryptonite fortress that he couldn't break through by hurling big chunks of the moon at it.
#002 | Toaps |
yeah, i'm not a fan of the "time to plan" argument, either. if the JL is in a room and they piss each other off, supes would straight up have his way with the bat. there's no question about it. batman just isn't physically capable of standing up to him.
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#003 | Kodiologist |
I was thinking just the other day, Alex, that you're a pretty good Utahraptor to my T-Rex. But, as it happens, my money's also with Superman.

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#004 | HeyDude |

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