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Aw shucks, Jordan.

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#001 | Kodiologist |
temiri: I wish there was a game to teach me how to use vim. Or git. Or possibly both.

awbraunstein: @temiri gitimmersion.com is an excellent git tutorial, and you really shouldn't waste your time learning vim. #emacs

jordanekay: @awbraunstein @temiri …or using archaic interfaces from the 1970s. ;) #textmate

awbraunstein: @jordanekay @temiri I totally saw that one coming.

jordanekay: @awbraunstein @temiri pic.twitter.com/0NtKaRUi

While you're over there in the land of twits—I mean, tweets, could you implement a thread view for the web interface? The nearest I can get, as it stands, is to click on the dates of each post. Which only lets me read one post at a time. Backwards. At least on Usenet, which is only slightly younger than Emacs, there's enough room to quote.

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#002 | HeyDude |
Yeah that's horrible.