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#001 | Solomine |
I never really played the Metal Gear Solid games, and it seems interesting that there is Solid Snake and Liquid Snake. They should introduce a Gas Snake that is a joke character that is gassy all the time kinda like Dan from Street Fighter! Unless they already did...

Oh well random thoughts. I'll leave this thread open if anyone else wants to discuss anything else from the contest.
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#002 | Solomine |
Well...I'll just talk to myself then. This days poll is my two top favorite games of all time! FFVIII was my favorite game as Squall was the only main character that I could relate to, and Soul Calibur is my other favorite of all time and Sigfried who is Nightmare, who I love using are going against each other!

Milt, the other white beverage!
#003 | Kylo Force |
I'd completely forgotten that there was another contest going on. I remember when I used to feverishly refresh the page while IM'ing my friend and we'd marvel whenever the matchup was close or would tie up for a moment.
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#004 | Ocarinakid2 |
It's not the same as a Gas Snake, but they do have a Solidus Snake.

And a man covered in bees. Great games.
#005 | HeyDude |
I expected the first post to be "I thee wed". When it wasn't, I was so disappointed that I left the topic.