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So I was gorging myself on chicken and broccoli today in a cafeteria (James, I bet you can guess which one) and I overheard this conversation. Actually, it was more of a monologue. A skinny guy with thick-framed rectangular glasses and slightly elevated diction was talking to this other guy about how unrealistic a train mini-game in some Final Fantasy game was. For what felt like ten minutes straight he protested the unnecessary expense of building two freight-train tracks right next to each other, the unnecessary exertion of using all four of the PlayStation controller's idiosyncratic shape buttons to brake, and the unnecessary complication of having to play this strange but very easy mini-game in order to advance the plot. His tone was more of bitter cynicism than humorous sarcasm. He was, in short, a complete dorkwad. I found myself wondering "How many times have I been this guy?"

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This is a worthwhile lesson.
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