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Anyone else got WarioWare D.I.Y?PaperSpock1
I love Rhythm Heaven.Kylo Force3
Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles EdgeworthJacehan9
I hate accidentally having a nap.Jacehan4
Boys Will Be Girls and Girls Will Be BoysJacehan5
The topic in which we don't tweak Mont and discuss Proust and ****willis52256
So I find Anthony's FB update about having to go to Confession...ZB300010
If I wanted to start recording videos what software should I use?Pooty Boy5
"**** you, Ziggy's a comic. It's right next to Family Circus."FoxMetaI2
I rarely use this acronym, but I can think of no other words for this... WTFPaperSpock6
I want a cookie.kricketine6
How audacious!HeyDude4
This makes me laugh alotkricketine9
Poll about gardensBUM9
In the interests of spinning off an angry thread into a more civil discussion...mimir22733
Orcas and pandas are related.FoxMetaI3
For future reference:FoxMetaI5
And now for something completely unrelated...LinkPrime13
Books timeFoxMetaI3
I told MBH I was bisexual in a topic about something...AlmightyNecron20
Obama wants to shorter vacations, increase time in school for studentsPooty Boy34
So I feel the need to explain where i have been latelyMith19
Two ThingsHeyDude42
The State of the PMS AddressJacehan12
How it was all going to go downfreepizza21
Coming soon!!!!!!!!LinksThirdSword66
People of PMS: I'm going to listen to an entire Interpol albumwillis522516
What's with all of the booze?Mith14
The PMS Awards Results!Jacehan17
A life in the day of a PMSian.Mith95
XD, Anthony thinks Mith used to be a modAzumarillMan29
Are we still doing that 48-hour Zelda thing?Dont Interrupt Me50
So we're closing on the house we wanted this weekend.Mith13
Let me make this clear to PMSMark86h52
Ye Olde PMS Constitution DraftMagicNumber326
Would it be possible to list all of our arrivals to PMS?Pooty Boy36
Tell us one of your sexual fantasies.AzumarillMan168
This is Rediculous!GMTELigence50
Random Topic {ASCII Allowed}eye_of_death20
What is your actual name?AzumarillMan27
So Monty is gone.AzumarillMan26
ATTN: AnthonyMark86h55
My brother and I made a mistake today.Mith4
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Below are some fragments from even earlier in PMS history, courtesy of the Internet Archive. Only a few of these topics have any posts archived, and those that do have no more than 10 posts.

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23 Aug 2007My grandfather died last nightPooty Boy5
23 Aug 2007The world map I ordered finally arrived.Dont Interrupt Me2
23 Aug 2007Good News, Bad NewsHeyDude3
23 Aug 2007Michael Vick - thoughts and commentsPooty Boy23
23 Aug 2007This is sorta weird.Kylo Force3
23 Aug 2007I'm board!undertaker shy guy6
22 Aug 2007I need songs about zombies, robots, or aliens.Jacehan6
22 Aug 2007I'm doing a little research on furries.Meleedragon276
22 Aug 2007I body was found at my schoolArinar9
22 Aug 2007Have you guys ever heard of Digg?AzumarillMan5
22 Aug 2007Installing Windows...MagicNumber310
22 Aug 2007I'm bored!nalabell5
22 Aug 2007Ouch!!!nalabell8
21 Aug 2007Whatever happened to the PMS card deck?ShadowSpy4
21 Aug 2007Well I guess I'll introduce myself.Falco 6711
21 Aug 2007Boredom Poll #451Digitalpython5
21 Aug 2007Where the hell did all these people come from?Peach97210
21 Aug 2007Boredom Straw Poll #452Dont Interrupt Me8
21 Aug 2007Who would have thought five years ago...Dont Interrupt Me11
20 Aug 2007Any time I glance at the word "hemoglobin" I read "hobgoblin"BUM3
20 Aug 2007So how's your dad, Jake?xXMithril5Xx3
10 Mar 2005A riddlemithril4290
9 Mar 2005Four years.Jacehan16
9 Mar 2005Create a Story/Boss/Enemy 5!DarthMarth261
9 Mar 2005NC&C: Into the Vaguely FamiliarDont Interrupt Me206
9 Mar 2005It's Officialmithril46
9 Mar 2005500 Karma!somedeadgamer9
9 Mar 2005Revenge of the Sith TrailerRedneckandRichgirl5
9 Mar 2005Those silly Al QaedaYazinka3
9 Mar 2005The Hey BUM, Why Aren't You On AIM? TopicDont Interrupt Me17
9 Mar 2005Tic - Tac - ToeVagrantGhost14
9 Mar 20051500 Karma!Digitalpython2
8 Mar 2005*walks in holding a funny hat*zztman58
8 Mar 2005I think I'm going to explode.Jacehan8
8 Mar 2005Post a quote from your day, completely out of context.Kylo Force165
8 Mar 2005Would you find this offensive? (Religion enclosed)Pooty Boy11
8 Mar 2005So I went and bought a scratch off lottery ticket this afternoon.zztman53
8 Mar 2005So today I went to buy some dice at the game shop.Dont Interrupt Me7
8 Mar 2005A strange pondering...Sizzle The First6
8 Mar 2005Jacehan: Crisis SolverJacehan20
7 Mar 2005Ask A Stupid Question, Get A Stupid Answer, PMS StyleDont Interrupt Me18
7 Mar 2005Anyone who liked The Matrix. . .mithril43
7 Mar 2005A certain dictator (stupid ToS).Sizzle The First2
7 Mar 2005I just counted up $776 in loose cash around my room. >_>somedeadgamer13
6 Mar 2005I'm going to start rating things out of 1337.Dont Interrupt Me26
6 Mar 2005What do you do at the first sight of diahreafreepizza7
6 Mar 200511 to 5, Jace.Dont Interrupt Me3
6 Mar 2005Goto TTYDshadowlost811
6 Mar 2005Like, the only commercial icon that isn't yet lame is...BUM12
6 Mar 2005Warm Tidings, Good PMSiansPower of 312
5 Mar 2005So I went to my friend's sweet 16 party last night...Pooty Boy24
5 Mar 2005I wanna buy it...mikeylikesoccer11
4 Mar 2005Coincidence?BUM4
4 Mar 2005Teachers say the darndest thingsPooty Boy6
4 Mar 2005IT Teachers are evilSizzle The First2
3 Mar 2005The Dark RoomShadowSpy16
19 Jan 2005I'm an atheist...undertaker shy guy30
19 Jan 2005El cookies for everyone!ExtraPower8
19 Jan 2005Ey PMS ...Earthbound Lover4
19 Jan 2005The 8th Semi-Annual PMS Awards!Jacehan12
19 Jan 2005Hahahahahahahahaha!mithril410
19 Jan 2005Lorwhelshalotfreepizza3
19 Jan 2005Okay, somebody has to hear about this (Israel is not the king of the world)willis52253
19 Jan 2005The Future of GameFAQsJacehan6
18 Jan 2005Did you know there's an American Idol Barbie?Dont Interrupt Me2
18 Jan 2005... orzundertaker shy guy2
17 Jan 2005A must playfreepizza1
17 Jan 2005Why hello there!GeorgeHWBush9
17 Jan 2005It's time to recommend me good GBA games.UtarEmpire18
17 Jan 2005The "What do you see in the inkblot?" testEarthbound Lover20
17 Jan 2005What're you listening to?--Because I need more posts!undertaker shy guy72
17 Jan 2005I'm so tired of this.mithril414
17 Jan 2005Very bizarre. . .mithril410
28 Nov 2004I tried to sort my gamefaqs favorite boardsThe Hye Circus1
28 Nov 2004My god I'm bored.undertaker shy guy4
28 Nov 2004...<3somedeadgamer5
28 Nov 2004My Thanksgiving band trip to NYCPooty Boy6
28 Nov 2004Oh, this is a story 'bout a guy named Alart fareak15
28 Nov 2004I return, and only 3 people should remember me ....Earthbound Lover25
27 Nov 2004Virga RPG - Chapter 1 - Fire in the Sky/Fire in the HeartJacehan125
26 Nov 2004Attn: Jaceundertaker shy guy4
26 Nov 2004I'm not back!QUEEN OF NINTENDO12
26 Nov 2004Can't play anything online... >.<ChibiTell4
25 Nov 2004Today is a very special day for meBloobies Man5
25 Nov 2004Damn Tryptophan.Jacehan1
25 Nov 2004Survey says: Too much time on his hands! 0_Oundertaker shy guy3
25 Nov 2004Oh crap its Thanksgiving!freepizza2
25 Nov 2004So, I keep telling myself I'm gonna pick up NWN again...undertaker shy guy2
24 Nov 2004It's that time again: I really, really wanna play an RPGwillis522513
24 Nov 2004Probably old, but meh.undertaker shy guy1
24 Nov 2004I hate math.somedeadgamer2
29 Oct 2004PMSians, line up in alphabetical order!Dont Interrupt Me27
29 Oct 2004Closure (64-related)Jacz the Mage3
29 Oct 2004My dad had eye surgery today, and it wasn't the laser kindgamesplayer12
29 Oct 2004The MSPCWz999z3mystorys17
29 Oct 2004SAVE THE WHACKAS!!! (Please)z999z3mystorys8
29 Oct 2004*Stares at a blank wall*Dont Interrupt Me16
29 Oct 2004Last Football Game '04Pooty Boy1
29 Oct 2004Inter-dementional rip power plantz999z3mystorys1
29 Oct 2004DIM, would you say Colin Mochrie is your hero?Jacehan10
28 Oct 2004Since when is z999 back?Dont Interrupt Me5
28 Oct 2004Know whats fun?Ocarinakid23
28 Oct 2004Check out the, uh, eclipse?BUM4
28 Oct 2004Being nocturnal is bad.Jacehan3
27 Oct 2004Is this the same...?undertaker shy guy7
27 Oct 2004What the hell...kirby dude3
27 Oct 2004Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.Mack the Knife6
27 Oct 2004A winner is Bush!undertaker shy guy2
26 Oct 2004Hi, my arm is leg, and I'm crazy for nine.freepizza4
26 Oct 2004News on the Coins issue.Dont Interrupt Me5
30 Sep 2004Form, feet and legs!zztman55
30 Sep 2004I need to do a survey for English class. Can you help me?Dont Interrupt Me2
30 Sep 2004Is your hair long enough to be braided?kirby dude13
30 Sep 2004Meats A-ZDont Interrupt Me26
29 Sep 2004He lives...undertaker shy guy5
29 Sep 2004So, I can't decide whether I like Garden State, or if it just plain depresses meundertaker shy guy4
28 Sep 2004I haven't made a topic in some timewillis522510
28 Sep 2004Khaaaaaaaan!zztman512
28 Sep 2004So...I hate Star Wars: Battlefrontundertaker shy guy6
28 Sep 2004O'riely and other political issuesfreepizza1
28 Sep 2004These ads with sound are really pissing me off.Jacehan5
27 Sep 2004will any1 sell their game to me plzjingermanoo4
27 Sep 2004Join the Dragon Warrior Army!evets149
27 Sep 2004Curse these random people popping in out of no where.somedeadgamer15
26 Sep 2004Wow, KoL has Sneaky Pete.Jacehan1
26 Sep 2004So my sister comes up to me.Dont Interrupt Me11
26 Sep 2004I listen to "War (What is it Good For?)" while playing Halo.overduegalaxy3
25 Sep 2004I don't know how to drink hot thingswillis522514
25 Sep 2004Attn: SDGMack the Knife7