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#001 | Kodiologist |
Besides the universal tropes like public nudity (scary!) and going back to high school (scarier!), have you had any recurring dreams?

Since I stopped playing video games in early 2010, I must've had ten different dreams about playing video games, including one last night. Never real games; always ones made up on the spot. I don't think I dreamed about video games nearly as much in the days I was actually playing them. Mysterious.

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#002 | HeyDude |
I have a lot of video game ones. I've had an Age of Empires II one, many Team Fortress 2 ones, and one or two Left 4 Dead ones. It's always a combination of, I'm at the computer playing, and I'm the character himself playing. It just seamlessly switches and I don't notice the disharmony until I wake up. Most of the dream is spent from the perspective of the character rather than from me at the computer.

I recently had a "return to high school" dream except that in this one, I had sex with the physics teacher. That was weird. I'm not attracted to her in real life.
#003 | Kodiologist |
How does that perspective switch work in the case of a strategy game like Age of Empires?

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#004 | HeyDude |
It was like I was God. I was still looking from a top-down view, but I wasn't using a keyboard nor was I looking at a monitor or sitting in a chair. I was moving things around with my mind and I think I was omnipresent or something, although my visual "camera" stayed stationary.
#005 | BUM |
The dreams I remember fall mostly into one of three categories:

1) Zombies. All ****ing kinds. At least one a month on average. Talking kinds, singing kinds, fast kinds, slow kinds, I played football with them once... all kinds. Once the zombies weren't even there, we were just running. I'm almost always afraid, running, finding high places to hide, and never (except once, I think) have a weapon. In that one I had to cut off my friend's head with a hatchet (Dustin) because he got bit by a little girl zombie he didn't have the heart to kill.

2) Driving. More specifically, my brakes never work. It's really terrible and I can't avoid hitting something. I have a pretty good driving record, so I don't know why these dreams occur.

3) Immobility. This is possibly the worst of all. It's characterized by a heavy-headed feeling, where I can often times not move my head in a way I want (think like, moving a really heavy thing that always tips one way or another, never staying where you wanted it, and taking immense effort to move any direction). Everything becomes blurry, my limbs won't cooperate. I'm usually in a life-threatening situation, and though I'm furiously trying to concentrate and move my body, it's to no avail. These nightmares are horrible, and worse than the zombies, because at least in those I am surviving by my agility, speed, and quick thinking.

Aside from those three, I don't typically remember my dreams, though there are a smattering here and there I recall.
#006 | BUM | | (edited)
Ooh, I used to have another kind a few years ago. The only good dreams I repeatedly had (most of my dreams are neutral or stressful or nightmares).

I was always walking down a dirt road, usually similar in nature though much longer to the road I grew up on. I would walk a few steps, then hop in the air and start floating a long distance, like Toadstool in SMB2. It was very realistic feeling, and such a strange notion. Also, Douglas Adams-y in that, to float, it was mostly an effort of not landing than actually floating.

I've never had flying, falling, or nude dreams. Once I dreamt my teeth were falling out, though, and I hear that's common.
#007 | HeyDude |
I get the brakes-not-working dreams too. I freakin' HATE those. I'm always at a low speed though. One time I was a valet and I was parking this dude's Ferrari and I was only going like 5 miles an hour pulling into this parking space and I still couldn't stop.

I had an AOE2 dream again last night, which is probably just from talking about it on here. My monks had picked up relics and were walking back to my base when my brother, Scott, picked them up. I tried to pry them from his hands, knowing that we were supposed to only use our units to do fighting, not our hands, and knowing I was cheating, but he had 3 of them and I was just pissed and he was grinning at me.
#008 | BUM |
Yeah, they suck, and it's always while going slow like you mentioned. Oh, I can only imagine the Ferrari one, how wretched! Shudder... I hate those dreams.
#009 | Kodiologist |
Last night I had a dream where… well, I've already forgotten the content of the story, but at any rate, there was this huge build-up lasting hours in dream time (and maybe in real time) and I woke up before the payoff. It was a shaggy-dog dream, I guess.

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#010 | HeyDude |
^ shaggy dog post