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I had casual sex this weekend: The On-Topiceningwillis52257
I got a 32GB HP Touchpad for $150 today.Kylo Force3
:( what happenedThyphlosion4507
I ran the Great Urban Race yesterday.Jacehan4
Link for the lazy: Firefox 6-compatible LameFOXKodiologist1
Today's Dinosaur Comic is so true.Jacehan2
Never thought it would happen, but... The Ex-Girlfriend Chronicles continue!Pooty Boy31
Sony Bravia 46' HDTVPooty Boy8
Now Playing - Earworm EditionKodiologist15
Kodi's latest topic about namesKodiologist8
My latest adventures...Kylo Force2
The good old days that never wereKodiologist11
Now PlayingMith18
GameFox not working?LinkPrime14
Adobo: successHeyDude5
I can't believe how fast time has gone...Ringofsealing5
posts from Samsung 10.1Mith1
I got a lot of use out of my dad's iPhone yesterday.Kodiologist5
Gosh, guys, Otakon was crazyDont Interrupt Me3
Cause and Effect: I get a knife, I drink more water.PaperSpock11
Off to San Francisco I go.Jacehan7
PSM AIM Blast GroupLinkPrime112
Werewolf Rd 2: Extreme MakeoverHeyDude12
Well, I'm starting work soon.Dont Interrupt Me3
I can't read your stupid Captcha!HeyDude2
Today I learned that "japan" is a word.Kodiologist4
This fountain is amazing.Jacehan7
What's your take on the 3DS price slash?PaperSpock6
By chance, I looked at my Karma today.Kylo Force5
Hey PMSB.Zelda_Freek2274
The Lockout has ended!Pooty Boy7
It's hotOcarinakid213
I just need an epic boyfriendnalabell25
Confession Timenalabell4
I have a blog now.Jacehan3
Today's Poll is proof positive that we as a collective whole want longer gamesPooty Boy6
Why is it that women have such strange logic...Ringofsealing39
I've been playing Terreria and now I'm a zombiewillis52256
Vacations are annoying to plan and expensive.Jacehan4
PMS, what's your favourite board game?Jacehan20
Smithy's Road to Health Improvement Part DeuxSmithy049
The Most Official PMS Convention Yet in New York City, May or June 2011Kodiologist65
PMS Pager: Travis (or anyone else who knows this)Dont Interrupt Me1
Takin' the GRE today.DarthMarth5
You know how if you input the wrong code into an iPod too many times, it locks?Kylo Force7
PMS Pager: linguists/WilHeyDude4
Well, I'm getting laid off soon.Kylo Force11
Surreal--someone I barely knew got murdered.PaperSpock5
Clearly the only way to get into the vacation mindset is to watch endless TV.Jacehan1
I should sueMith2
Just got back from DC.Jacehan2
Demand EuphoriaHeyDude11
Lucky (or unlucky) assigned numbersKodiologist5
Guilty SatisfactionPooty Boy6
AmericaPooty Boy10
Nyssa can you remember meHeyDude1
You know that a body anthropomorphizes animals too much whenKodiologist4
I'm an in-training photo editor.Kylo Force3
PMS Werewolf: Roll CallHeyDude14
Oh, right, it's Tau Day, isn't it?Dont Interrupt Me2
I put my pants on backwards by accident.Dont Interrupt Me11
I wonder if the perfectly repeated textures in Castlevania reflect Dracula's OCDDont Interrupt Me1
Whoo, NYS Senate just passed gay marriage.Jacehan11
I wish today's poll had a "No, I'm a Republican" optionPooty Boy5
I knew xkcd was good for something!Kodiologist3
It's hard to tell if an interviewee was good or not if you haven't seen examplesJacehan8
Happy birthday, HeyDude's daughter and Solo!Kodiologist6
Random Post TopicKodiologist26
Soooooo how's that birthing going, Alex?willis522512
The worst part of parties is the clean-up afterwards.Jacehan5
Current temperature: 38 C.DarthMarth14
E3- The topic!LinkPrime113
PMS Pager: SpockKodiologist3
A question about cellphones for all you gadget-savvy youngstersKodiologist8
The Alpocalypse is here.Jacehan2
Carpet vs HardwoodJacehan7
It's not easy being Israeli with people like this as our face to the world.Dont Interrupt Me57
So The West Wing is good.Jacehan1
Play Scattergories with your (potential) significant other.Jacehan3
Is it me, or is the purge monster hungrier than it used to be?Kodiologist6
Happy Father's Day!HeyDude5
This theatre was a fiasco.Jacehan2
Super 8? (no spoilers)Kylo Force3
Green LanternLinkPrime12
Today's PollPooty Boy8
Do you guys also see L.A. Noire stickers everywhere?Jacehan4
Blink 182: still pretty cool right?HeyDude5
One roll of TP lasted 33 days.Jacehan5
Bought me an old, old, new iPod Touch Sunday.DarthMarth1
Well, done teaching for the year.Jacehan1
Today is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad daynalabell4
Today's goofy pollHeyDude3
How many people do you know who have this rug?Jacehan5
I broke my DS today.Kylo Force2
This site sounds like it'll be fun to play with...PaperSpock2
The lady who owns the 99-cent store downstairs just called me down, freaking outJacehan5
Greetings now from AtlantaDont Interrupt Me3
My GameFOX is gone...Pooty Boy8
ATTN: Rapture believersZB300010
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