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Today's poll, were you correct?

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#001 | PaperSpock |
I wasn't, needed to go a layer deeper in my reasoning. This is, as of my posting. Maybe tomorrow my choice will be correct. :P I picked the fourth option ("the second one")
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#002 | Kodiologist |

#003 | willis5225 |
Dude picked-the-fourth-one high five. (Which was the winner at the time I voted it, just now.)
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#004 | Jacehan |
I picked the second option, ("the first one") - right now the 4th one is in the lead
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#005 | Cataclysms |
I picked the fourth option.
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#006 | HeyDude |
Mind = blown
#007 | LinkPrime1 |
Bleh, I picked third =/
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