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Any new shows you're looking forward to watching?Jacehan9
Happy birthday, Alex!willis52257
I think I may be a workaholic.Jacehan9
So, time for me to join the working world...LinkPrime15
My attempt to decide if my ruler was actually made of aluminum:PaperSpock10
I really wish my real estate purchase had finished in August.Jacehan5
40% of White Americans and 25% of nonwhites only have friends of their own race.Jacehan7
I want to have, like, every single one of these comics as posters.Jacehan8
Happy Kate Day!HeyDude3
Post what you're listening to right now on here!!!ZB3000130
A paradox to consider.PaperSpock5
Today I clipped a fingernail and it flew into my nostril.Kodiologist7
I don't know why this game is so addicitive.Jacehan12
Divekick is amazing.Kylo Force7
Playing through TTYD for the first time. Again.Kylo Force6
Happy Labor Day!Jacehan2
What other Internet communities do you participate in?Kodiologist8
Old movies everyone is surprised you haven't seen.Jacehan9
Google seems to have forgotten that my house exists.Jacehan1
Small rooms are harder to clean, I say.Jacehan1
Anyone ever been to Charlotte, NC?Pooty Boy2
Well I'm backHeyDude3
I supervised and taught at a youth retreat this past weekend.Kylo Force2
To Be or Not to Be: That Is the AdventureJacehan4
I'm watching Takenwillis52255
Lightning storms aren't common here.Kylo Force4
Going camping!Jacehan1
Oh no, summer is almost over!Jacehan10
Drinking from fishbowls out of crazy straws never gets old.Jacehan2
Cheese is its own course here.Jacehan6
Happy birthday, Utar!willis52253
The Banjo-Kazooie Theme Song is now stuck in your headLinkPrime19
I guess I wasn't expecting a French keyboard to be that different.Jacz the Mage3
PMS Pager: LP1 and and BrandonGMTELigence7
I love Jordan almonds.Jacehan7
The Many Sigs of Kodi B.Kodiologist2
Just booked a trip to Luxemburg.Jacehan6
Post what you're reading right now on here!willis522517
I have strep or somethingdarknalareturns7
Subway isn't what it used to bedarknalareturns4
What does it take to be culturally aware?HeyDude10
I never actually feel like an adult or my age for that matterdarknalareturns12
I really hate the cybermen from Doctor Whodarknalareturns1
I just feel the need to express my hate for Big Bang Theorydarknalareturns7
So, I've fallen in love with Gilbert and SullivanPaperSpock5
For anyone interestedMith2
Just got back from Philly.Jacehan6
I have several iterations of terrible speakerswillis52255
Finally beat KOTOR (spoilers)HeyDude7
Annual "I love you guys" topicPooty Boy5
Any PMSians interested in coming to the Detroit area?HeyDude4
Had my first PMS dreamHeyDude4
Staying on that picture game.Kylo Force4
When I have more time to post, I have less to post about.Jacehan6
Anyone got a link to Wisterwood?LinkPrime14
In which I Straight-Up Shill for Valvewillis52252
I forgot it was Bastille Day.Jacehan7
So I guess I'm the only one who is doing the Character Battle?LinkPrime112
Well, Rogue Legacy is kicking my asswillis52251
I also will be moving soonHeyDude7
"Not until there's a price drop or a must-have game"Pooty Boy5
Man, I cannot run very far at all.Jacehan9
Just popped in Star WarsPooty Boy4
After I-don't-know-how-many years, I can probably get rid of this bookmark.Kodiologist2
Contest: name someone cooler than Captain KirkBUM6
It takes me a long time to get into vacation mode.Jacehan9
New beard? Check. New place? Check.Kylo Force14
Wired internet? I had forgotten what that was like.Jacehan5
Whoever invented siestas definitely had the right idea.Jacehan2
Moving sucks.Jacehan8
How do we feel about Twilight Imperium?willis52253
Today I learned about palaeolibertarianismwillis522510
I'm sitting on my porchcony sipping a Pimm's cupwillis522518
I've never been cut off at a bar before.Jacehan4
So, remember that time I posted a topic about game depreciation...LinkPrime13
The wind keeps blowing my toilet paper into my toilet.Jacehan7
These job interviews keep wanting me to come in while I'm at my job.Jacehan14
June 19, 2013- Microsoft reveals that it may, actually, have a soulLinkPrime16
The Adventures of James and the Purchasing of a Co-OpJacehan35
Today's Top 10LinkPrime12
So, uh... The Xbox One...LinkPrime114
So just got back from a trip to New York and Toronto!ShadowSpy8
I ate breakfast at 11, and dinner is at 6. This makes lunch awkward.Jacehan4
So who watches Game of Thrones?Jacehan7
Today I sat around, watched TV, and played Fire Emblem.Jacehan1
Wii U: Anyone got one and is it worth getting?Pooty Boy3
Wow, the ninth Character Battle?LinkPrime11
Sony wonLinkPrime110
WTF is this???Pooty Boy4
Page 2!Jacehan9
So I started rock climbing recently.Dont Interrupt Me14
I'm gonna be eating lasagna for over a week.Jacehan14
I love how heat rises!Jacehan4
Today's poll, were you correct?PaperSpock7
Huh, so you can change the board colors now...LinkPrime110
My dog died this morningLinkPrime19
I never realized how quickly new games depreciate (and current market analysis!)LinkPrime18
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