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I also will be moving soon

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#001 | HeyDude |
Jess and I are trying to sell our house (a. to be closer to friends esp. our church friends, b. to have a larger house and c. we don't live in the safest neighborhood right now) and it's looking like we'll be able to sell and make a slight profit. We're all packed up and since the house is staged for showing, Jess and the kids have been staying with her parents.

We're probably not going too far but still this is kind of exciting for me. I know this is simple but I'd really like a house and yard that would be good for having a dog.
#002 | HeyDude |
Tearful bump
#003 | Kodiologist |
There, there, don't cry. PMS is just resting its eyes.

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#004 | BUM |
Sweet dude, wherever it is just make sure it's closer to me. 8 and Livernois, I may as well be going to Tipperary! =P
#005 | Jacehan |
Yard is a pretty good reason to get a new place. Cool that you'll be able to make a profit from it.
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#006 | HeyDude |
Mark man, you better stay in one place for like 30 seconds so I know where to move closer to.
#007 | willis5225 |
Man I love me a non-terrifying neighborhood. I would put up with most things to live in a non-terrifying neighborhood.
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