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Kodi, how about this year's PADM stats?HeyDude8
Anyone else do pub trivia?Jacehan8
Today's topic is kinda misleadingLinkPrime12
PMS Roll Call '13Kodiologist25
Joke Twitter accountsKodiologist7
I'm glad this place is still around.zztman59
Collegiate euphemismsKodiologist14
Promotions are weirdJacehan4
I fell asleep at 8 and just woke up.Jacehan13
Official Post-A-Day May Band: Mayday ParadeGMTELigence36
This top ten list is just the worstwillis52255
Make It Sound WorseJacehan5
Arfer.net has mysteriously acquired domains I've never controlledKodiologist4
The temptation of informationKodiologist7
I have started TWEWY againwillis522516
Haha, I turned the TV on, and something relevant was on screen...PaperSpock1
Happy Memorial Day!HeyDude2
I'm going camping today.Jacehan15
Huh... GameFAQs is a lot older than I thought it would beLinkPrime110
PC won't POST--I'm going to buy unneeded components aren't I?willis522518
Waiting for a package is like, the WORST thing ever!LinkPrime16
I was identified as a potential match for bone marrow donation.Kylo Force8
My roommate bought a house-hookahwillis52257
I'm really excited about Soylent.Kodiologist6
Hate CrimesJacehan15
What the State Birds Should BeJacz the Mage2
I hate how heat rises!Jacehan9
So I bought Game Dev TycoonHeyDude1
Strange Alzheimer'sPaperSpock3
Does this count?HeyDude3
Anybody else put on weight?HeyDude19
The Magic: The Gathering variant that uses all your cards from high schoolwillis52259
Humidity is the worst.Jacehan5
Bill Gates is awesomeHeyDude6
Soooooo, the new Star Trek movie...PaperSpock6
What makes you want to replay a game?LinkPrime112
What do you guys think of the topless women thing?HeyDude8
Euhemerism of the week: Samson was inspired by Chuck Norris.Kodiologist2
Euphemism of the week: "High net worth individual"Kodiologist9
I saw this and immediately thought of PMSwillis52256
You can't change your name on old Git commits? Cismale privilege!Kodiologist3
My dad gave me his old iPad Mini.Jacehan9
I think I just experienced the generation gap for the first time.Kylo Force7
Signed a lease for a townhouse today.Kylo Force3
24's coming back (possible spoilers but not in my OP)HeyDude3
Ugh I am tiredHeyDude6
Can't wait for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D!!!PaperSpock2
The beginning of May is going to suck from now on, huh?Jacz the Mage4
"More than I wanted" vs. "All that I wanted, and more"PaperSpock2
I had a realization about the Poll of the Daywillis52252
Taking bets for PADM!HeyDude15
This has been spread over a lot of GF at this pointMith11
I just wanna watch some frickin' hockeyHeyDude6
Nala and I have become addicted to Shark TankPaperSpock4
You guys see these new Coca Cola Freestyle machines?HeyDude6
So, my cousin is on American Idol...LinkPrime17
Bad Reasoning 101PaperSpock5
Shigeru Miyamoto, you've been bothering me lately.PaperSpock5
A song everybody should knowHeyDude7
Today is both Star Wars Day and Free Comic Book Day.Jacehan10
Law is fun.Kodiologist12
Iron Man 3Jacehan11
I don't always notice kerning issues, but when I do, they're really bad.Kodiologist7
I was in a ho last nightHeyDude2
I was in a show last night.Kylo Force1
We pregamed Cinco de MayoHeyDude4
Wow, crazy genetics test...PaperSpock4
I'm actually pretty excited for the film adaptation of The Great Gatsby.Kylo Force3
My pants rotation is too small.Jacehan5
The "Now Playing" ThreadLinkPrime110
I went on a p lame first datewillis522514
Mayday! Mayday!HeyDude10
Never watched Parks and RecreationMith3
Got a new board game that's Mafia-esque.Jacehan7
Almost all of my grocery shopping is on breakfast foods.Jacehan5
Sound the trumpets!BUM7
Are we participating in Post-A-Day May this year?GMTELigence7
I played and completed Journey for PS3 this weekend.Kylo Force3
A touching story of when generations collideKodiologist4
Been watching a lot of Star Trek latelyBUM7
Been on sort of a classic gaming thing recently.Kylo Force12
A Link to the Past 2???PaperSpock3
Have you ever screamed from a nightmare?Kodiologist17
Hearts go out to BostonLinkPrime12
Buying a place when currently renting seems like really awkward timing.Jacehan12
Strip SearchJacehan6
"I'm stuck at 5' 6", but I am still growing as a person."Kylo Force2
A "genuine" interview?Kylo Force3
Happy Birthday, ShadowSpy!GMTELigence5
I need a casual hat.Jacehan13
Uhh.... Those banner ads....LinkPrime17
People of PMS, I am engaged.Kodiologist10
Well I'm moving this weekendwillis52258
Happy birthday, Gary!willis52256
"He's the one who took my coin! Why didn't you stop him!?"Kylo Force3
Happy Easter, everyone!Pooty Boy3
So I got the popup survey on the main pagewillis52251
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