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I've never been cut off at a bar before.

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#001 | Jacehan |
It was definitely not because I drank too much, though. (I had 4 drinks, my coworker had 11.) Rather, I played with the lanterns on the table, which they did not appreciate. Oh well.
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#002 | LinkPrime1 |
I was at S Square in Astoria the other night, got there around 11 and we didn't leave until 3:30. Had 2 drinks in that time since I had to drive home (we all met at a friend's house and went together). Around 2:30 me and our driver really wanted to go, but the rest of our group wasn't planning on leaving anytime soon. I started getting restless just sitting there, so I started stretching my legs (the place had cleared out an hour or so before, so we were pretty much by ourselves at our table). By the time 3:15 hit, and we were actually making plans to go, I decided to hop up on the empty bench next to us, then jump off- again, I was restless.

A minute or so later a bouncer walks over. I think he's just gonna joke with me about the whole jumping thing. Instead, he gives me this death stare as he tells me if I want to jump around, I better find somewhere to do it outside. Needless to say, I was quite surprised.

Bouncers really don't like to take any kind of crap from anyone...could also have been bored though.

But S Square is mad nice, if you've never been, It's on the corner of 35th and 36th...I think.
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#003 | willis5225 |
I was cut off once. This was back in college, at the local watering hole. We'd been out ahead of time for some occasion, to which I'd brought a flask. I went outside to get some air when I felt an unusual weight in my jacket pocket--why, I have a flask, and it seems I have not drained it entirely heretofore, I said to myself.

The bouncer looked over and said without malice or anger. "Well, you know I can't let you back in with that." To which I said "Oh. Well, yeah, that makes sense," and then I went home.
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#004 | Kylo Force |
For my most recent birthday, after dinner my friends and I went to Gameworks for some old time arcade action, or at least as old time as you can get with a sports bar attached. My friends who had just turned 21 (I had just turned 25) were excited at the prospect of getting me drinks and many of them bought me shots to celebrate the night. The bartender incredulously asked one of them who had "called next" and said, "Whoa there, is that for him [me] too? He's gotta wait, he just took three in a row."

I guess that was me getting "cut off" for the first time too, even though it was more of a "Hey, look at this bartender actually being responsible" kind of thing. Had we been at the bars around the school I went to/work at, that wouldn't have happened for at least another few rounds.
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