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So who watches Game of Thrones?

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#001 | Jacehan |
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#002 | LinkPrime1 |
Trying to read the books.

Not going well.
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#003 | BUM |
I had read the first three, years and years ago. But I haven't seen the show. Know a lot of people on my facebook feed do, though.
#004 | willis5225 |
I keep meaning to watch the show. (Read the first ~200 pages of the first book and got boredgusted with it.)
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#005 | Ocarinakid2 |
Caught up with the books and the show. Good, depressing fun.
#006 | Dont Interrupt Me |
I was caught up to book 4 when the show started. Now I'm up to date with the show and about 200 pages into book 5.
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#007 | ShadowSpy |
Bwahaha, I love the books! They're quite the roller coaster. I haven't watched the entire show, but I've seen parts of it.
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