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So, I've fallen in love with Gilbert and Sullivan

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#001 | PaperSpock |
Music's awesome, love the absurdity, it's hilarious. I don't know what else I want to say about this. Though I will admit I've only heard three of their operettas so far: Pirates of Penzance, HMS Pinafore, and Iolanthe. However, I have seen two of them live (Pinafore and Iolanthe). I'm just listening to the end of the first act of Iolanthe and felt the urge to express my enjoyment of it, I guess.
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#002 | willis5225 |
If I weren't on my phone, I would link to a youtube clip of Morden from Mass Effect singing that patter song (that and a Simpson's episode being my entire familiarity therewith).
Willis, it seems like every other time you post, I need to look up a word that's in the OED or Urban Dictionary but not both.
#003 | Kodiologist |
I sang the Judge's song from Trial by Jury for a music-history class in high school. It was fun. And it extended my range.

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#004 | Kylo Force |
They did Pirates of Penzance at my high school one year. It exceeded my expectations as I'd never heard of it. I also felt extremely clever when I figured out the twist before the reveal. I chalk that up to having played Phoenix Wright.
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#005 | darknalareturns |
You've just realized this?!?!?!?!