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Wii U: Anyone got one and is it worth getting?

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#001 | Pooty Boy |
Also... if anyone could throw down a brief synopsis on what is truly is that'd be great! Seeing if it's worth upgrading my old Wii or not?

Is it really a next generation console? Or do Wii games run back and forth between it?
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#002 | LinkPrime1 |
Man, I'm tempted to get a Wii U...but there's just no system sellers for it (yet).

Bayonetta 2 was just announced with some gameplay, and it looks kinda cool.

The new Smash is probably gonna be just like the rest of them, and there's nothing wrong with that.

If the Fire Emblem/SMT crossover game actually comes stateside...that is what gonna get me to cave and buy it.

The Magnificent 101 looked pretty cool too, and of course the new Xenoblade *drool*

I'd say it's a next gen-system, but it does run everything in HD. I think I read awhile ago it's got the same specs as the 360, which obviously pale in comparison to the new systems, but that was never Nintendo's style anyway.

As for games on it now...I really just have no idea. I think that's the problem, there's really not much out for it yet. No new blockbuster Mario game, nothing other than a listing of Zelda U. No mention of a new Metriod or Star Fox... There's gonna be Mario Kart 8, which is nice and all, but still...I guess it's "wait and see" for me personally. There's still plenty of games out for the Wii, and the U is backwards compatible, so there's that.
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#003 | PaperSpock |
I see it as the 3DS at about this point in its life (or a bit earlier, not sure on the exact timeline). Clearly worth getting eventually, but the software support isn't there yet.

Pickmin 3 will be interesting, but isn't a system seller for me. Smash Bros will be, but it won't hit for a while. What might make me pick it up before then is the fact that I want to support that Nintendo is bringing EarthBound to its Virtual Comsole. Never really played it, but loved Mother 3.
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