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Celestia and the Great Old One

2,500 words • Created 19 Jun 2017

Two hundred years ago, Luna disappeared, and a few hours later, so did Celestia. Twilight explains the real reason why, and what it had to do with what Celestia had discovered in the vast and brutal world of the humans a thousand years prior: a being far more ancient, powerful, and inscrutable than anything Celestia had ever known.

Celestia Wanderer

2,000 words • Created 28 Jun 2017 • Last modified 29 Jun 2017

A great supernatural threat has forced Celestia and Luna to leave Equestria behind. Now Celestia wanders the universe, encountering its many strange creatures, doing good where she can, and searching for her sister. (This story is a sequel to "Celestia and the Great Old One", but can easily be read on its own.)

Adventures in the Psychology of Sexuality (with Ponies)

8,000 words • Created 22 Jul 2016 • Last modified 16 Dec 2016

A collection of short stories exploring themes in the psychology and philosophy of human sexuality, but with horses instead of humans. Each story focuses on a different pony. It's sort of like the My Little Pony fanfiction adaption of my book Empirical Sexual Attitudes. If you're looking for porn, you're going to be disappointed, but hey, you might learn something.

  1. In "Nature", Rarity learns that beasts aren't so different from ponies—or are they?
  2. In "Fear", Fluttershy confronts something that makes her deeply uncomfortable.
  3. In "Identity", Pinkie is asked a rude question, but finds she isn't sure of the answer herself.
  4. In "Performance", Rainbow Dash and her male clone are infatuated with each other, but find themselves unable to win an important contest.
  5. In "Contamination", Applejack, while trying to increase her sales at the market, opens a much bigger can of worms than she bargained for.
  6. In "The Unknown", Twilight makes it all complete… or tries to.

Those Four Guys

20,000 words • Created 27 Oct 2019 • Last modified 26 Sep 2021

Four young male adults in Manehattan navigate sexuality, romance, work, academia, and the magic of friendship.

Smut note: this story contains discussion of sex and some vulgar language, but no detailed depictions of sex.

  1. In "The Anatomy Lesson", Gilbert the griffon tries to get a date, learns more than he wanted to about dragons, and makes some friends.
  2. In "Sexy Bugs", the four guys visit a new changeling dance club.
  3. In "Nerd Fights", Crag the dragon and Whisperwing the pegasus tussle with their greatest enemy: scholarly publishing.
  4. In "The Ravenous Beast of the Wilderness", Gilbert tries really hard not to mess up a date.
  5. In "Shining Armor Isn't Gay", Hearty Hooves the earth pony gets in an argument with Whisperwing at a fancy sex shop.
  6. In "Autodidacticsm", the four guys catch up on celebrity gossip.
  7. In "Upstate", Gilbert goes on an adventure and belatedly learns about changelings.
  8. In "Doctorates & Dragons", the four guys play a game and Crag complains about work.
  9. In "Like Having a Pet", Whisperwing goes to the zoo with somecreature much bigger than the zoo animals.
  10. In "What Is This, Some Kind of Joke?", the four guys catch up and think about the future.


10,000 words • Created 5 Mar 2020 • Last modified 14 May 2020

It takes two to tango. After a particularly manic morning demands she split her attention between aiding Apple Bloom and prepping Princess Twilight, one bold brew ensures there's enough Zecora to go around. No worries that her heterozygous halves are both a bit… "off" in their own unique ways. Zecora's head had enough wit and wisdom in it to be portioned out without side effects, right? Since when has invoking her apothecary arsenal ever over-complicated an already existing problem?

This was a collaborative effort between Casketbase77 of "Three Bolded Words" fame and Kodi Arfer. Casket wrote White's chapter and Kodi wrote Black's, with the opening and closing scenes done jointly. Two authors, two Zecoroota. Let the bipolar buffoonery begin.

Bad Genies

5,000 words • Created 1 Jan 2020 • Last modified 4 Jan 2020

Alicorn or not, Flurry Heart is not doing well at Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns. Something's wrong with her, and she might never be able to fix it. But a young pegasus named Scootaloo thinks that Flurry Heart has a bright future ahead of her, after all.

Featuring a story-within-a-story starring the CMC, in which the newly grown-up Crusaders search an ancient cave for a lost little colt and find a lot more than they expected.

Jack the Mighty: Tall Tales of a Little Pony — The Great Wall of Tartarus

1,500 words • Created 20 Jul 2014 • Last modified 24 May 2015

In which Applejack the cowpony is reimagined as a humorously godlike figure in the style of legends, tall tales, and Chuck Norris facts. She could outmuscle the rest of Ponyville put together, or outdrink it, but will her prodigious talents be enough to get the princesses out of a bad deal with Tirek?

Applejack and Big Mac Get Intimate

1,000 words • Created 23 Jan 2015

One day, Applejack and Big McIntosh are alone in an orchard when Big Mac laments the problems of his love life. Then the conversation takes an odd turn, with big consequences for AJ and Big Mac's relationship.

Pinkie Pie Eats Everypony

2,500 words • Created 12 Feb 2017 • Last modified 1 Dec 2019

Pinkie is ravenous, but circumstances forbid her from eating anything in Sugarcube Corner. Then Rainbow Dash comes to visit, and Pinkie has her for lunch, kicking off a cannibalistic rampage that only Twilight has an idea how to stop. (I wrote this story at the request of a friend who's a big fan of vore.)

Belle, Button, and Sandal

2,000 words • Created 6 Oct 2013 • Last modified 9 Oct 2013

One day, I solicited ideas for a shipfic from /r/MLPLounge. The result was this little masterpiece. Hear also the dramatic reading by Discord Radio.